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[Read Pdf] ☼ Beyond the River ♥ Duma Is At A Cross Roads In Life Living In An Informal Settlement In Soweto With His Father And Young Sister, Duma Is Expected To Make A Contribution To The Household Since He Is Unemployed The Easy Way Has Been To Steal Electricity Cables But When His Friend Gets Caught, Duma Decides To Try A New Way Of LifeThe Road To A New Beginning Does Not Come Easy As He Goes Back To The Canoe Club At Power Park And He Quickly Learns That Paddling A Canoe Is Not As Easy As He Remembered He Finds Himself Drawn To The Water And Is Inspired By Steve An Experienced Paddler Whose Determination Inspires Duma But Lately The Gold Has Been Out Of Reach Duma Goes Out On A Limb And Asks Steve If They Can Train Together For The Dusi Will Duma And Steve S Partnership In The Water Work Out This Is An Inspirational Story Of Two Men From Different Backgrounds, Coming Together To Tell Their Story