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4.8 stars I didn t think this was as good as the others in the series, but it concluded nicely. My first book read by Fleur Beale but won t be my last What an engaging, emotional story This felt really real and kind of factual, because of what we know of Gloriavale And yet its a universal story Both sad and joyful. This is an excellent third and final book in the series that begins with I Am Not Esther The whole Pilgrim family has been shaken by the children who have opted out of the community, the visit of Kirby renamed Esther by the Pilgrims and her running away, and then Rebecca s opt out Other community members have left as well, and there is clearly dissension in the ranks Within all this, Magdalene is torn She likes the Rule it helps her know what to do, but she knows they don t tell the truth about people who have left being dead Her youngest sister, Zillah, is rebellious and Magdalene is desperate for her to not be emotionally and mentally harmed by the harsh discipline On top of that, their mother is no longer the loving woman she used to be, and their father appears distracted and uncertain.It s been good reading these books and I would thoroughly recommend them to young people wanting to know about alternative ways of living that are current today They also pose excellent questions about loyalty and faith. Reread review I love the other two books in this series too, but this one It just breaks my heart Original review I have no words That was just amazing. One of my all time favourite NZ Books is I am Not Esther by Fleur Beale which was the first book to take place in the cult Children of the Faith and featuring the Pilgrim Family At the end of Book 1 the family had deemed Miriam , Daniel and Esther dead This left the twins Rebecca and Rachel, Abraham, Luke, Magdalene and Zillah in the family The next book was I am Rebecca which was the story of Rebecca and Rachel the twins who were getting ready to be married , it also showed the start of a new community as the Cult moved to Nelson and become closed Rebecca was forced to marry the church Elder Stephen and when she discovered that this wasn t her life dream , she too ran away and was considered dead whereas her twin sister Rachel stayed and married and eventually had two children In Book 3 Being Magdalene , the Pilgrim family are being made as outcasts and treated differently especially since Rebecca s act of defiance against their leader Magdalene and her sister Zillah are not enjoying life here one bit and they too feel that out in the world would suit them better, but they are young how could they leave behind their families as their siblings have done It seems that the Pilgrim family are causing such an uproar in the church community and soon they maybe the ones to cause a divide and eventually leave the faith all together for a better life out in the world Is it time for the Pilgrim family to become a true family once again or will they stand divided as some of their family members still believe in the Rule Find out in another amazing look at life in a cult through a teenager s eyes in Book 3 I am Not Esther series Being Magdalene A book that I recommend should be on every teen s reading list this year. Another great read and finished the three book series, that started with I Am Not Esther. A longer and, perhaps, slightly nuanced and mature addition to the Esther series Magdalene is damaged than Kirby or Rebecca although, like Rebecca, she has grown up in the Faith community, she doesn t quite have Rebecca s quiet good nature and belief in the rightness of the community Magdalene has been scarred by her childhood I still cringe thinking of the descriptions of five year old Magdalene quietly sobbing in prayer sessions from I am Not Esther and by the time we get to her story, the Children of Faith sect is crumbling.Magdalene is driven by her love for her sister Zillah and to a lesser extent her other siblings and I loved this relationship and driving force I also liked Magdalene s complex relationship with her parents while in previous books her father has been the main antagonist and her mother strict but quietly supportive, in this book that s turned around and it s hopeful to see her father s growing turnaround and change of heart It s not all plain sailing, and while the ending is realistically optimistic, I d love to see a longer resolution for this family.Magdalene s depression is handled well, and is definitely different to the defiant Kirby and resilient Rebecca Her recovery and discovery of who she wants to be is a lovely ending for the book. *Download ✓ Being Magdalene (I Am Not Esther, #3) ☠ The Gripping Sequel To The Award Winning And Bestselling YA Novels I Am Not Esther And I Am RebeccaBeing Magdalene Revisits The Pilgrim Family And Its Closed Religious Community, The Children Of The FaithFour Years Have Passed Since Rebecca Ran Away The Community Simmers With Tension And Rumours Of An Approaching Split, And Life Has Become Terrifying For Rebecca S Remaining Siblings As Elder Stephen Seizes Any Chance To Take Revenge On Them Twelve Year Old Magdalene Lives In Fear That Her Strong Willed Little Sister, Zillah, Will Be His Next TargetThe Girls Have Run Out Of People Who Can Protect Them To Zillah Their Path Is Clear But Magdalene Is Torn How Can She Cause Hurt And Shame For Her Parents But, Equally, How Can She Face A Life With No Freedom To Be Herself And Another Question Scares Her Most Of All Without The Elders Suffocating Rules That Tell Her How To Live, Who Would Magdalene Be Third in the story of the Pilgrim Family, Being Magdalene tells the story of 12 yr old Magdalene Pilgrim and how her world is falling apart around her Desperate to protect her younger sister Zillah from any backlash for her strong willed behavior, Magdalene is suffering herself Her older brothers Abraham and Luke are balking against The Rule and Magdalene isn t sure what to believe Their leader Elder Stephen is attacking the Pilgrim family every chance he gets, since their 16 yr old sister Rebecca ran away from their impending wedding.But Abraham, Luke and little Zillah are much surer than Magdalene about how they want their lives to be, and they find a way to break away.Zillah thrives away from The Rule, but Magdalene is still torn between her duty to her parents, and the regime of The Rule, and it takes much longer for her to find out who the real Magdalene is.A fabulous ending to this wonderful series Very believable in the fact that nothing was clear cut and tidy and straight forward There was much hurt, duty, sadness, confusion and anger, between the different relationships within the family dynamics.Fantastic Kiwi Fiction. I discovered there was a third book in this trilogy completely by accident I was lighting a fire in a fire place and noticed a review of the book on one of the bits of newspaper I was using It doesn t seem like that long since I am Rebecca came out to me, mostly because I only got around to reading it this year, so it was a welcome surprise to get another book in the series I thoroughly enjoyed this book I thought the changes in the family were well thought through, as well as Magdalene s character The ending was absolutely perfect, with just enough hope to keep me going, but still believable for all the other characters.