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My favorite book of the series so far The ending was exciting and frustrating, and I felt so bad for Bec She was my FAVORITE character of the book, and probably of the whole series I d rather follow a whole series about her adventures than stupid Grubbs Grady Apparently the next book is also centered around him Whoopee.I enjoyed the time period and topic of the book I loved the whole far in the past magic reigns aspect, and how the magical creatures like fairies and giants were leaving the changing planet to die in peace, or go who knows where It makes me nostologic for something I never had and nobody ever will So the book takes place in fifth century Ireland, huh I can dig Irland It s pretty cool the folktale story I picked to present in Literature this year was from Ireland Sweetness Maybe I ll just read every other Demonata book to avoid Grubbs, but alas, I m not that type of reader. Come on man Shan is amazing at what he does Just the right blend of horror and over the top This book brings in emotion in a way you can t ignore Also, it s here that the books begin to really hold hands and tie in What else Bran Is there another thing I dunno man But this and book 2 are probably my favorites. Free ⚇ Bec ♵ The Fourth Novel In This Bonechilling Series By Darren Shan, Author Of The New York Times Bestselling Cirque Du Freak Series, Will Keep Readers Turning Page After Horrifying Page As Demonic Fomorii Ravage Their Land, Bec And A Band Of Warrior Companions Leave Their Devastated Rath To Answer A Plea For Help An Orphaned Priestess In Training, Bec Hopes The Journey Will Help Her Solve The Mysteries Of Her Birth But Fighting Demons Has A Steep Price . Bec The Little One The one who Lord Loss has shared magic with The book was so scary and had lots of gore Bran was a good one Run FastD What made me wonder was the theme of the bookLord Loss didn t know chess thenthe gods were Celtic and the year was 5th century AD.Also, the most painful thing in the book view spoiler Found itI look around Everyone s awake All eyes are focused on the spot from where the sound came Ronan s bow is aimed, an arrow ready to fly at its target the moment he sights one Don t move, Drust whispers, just loud enough for all to hear The spells are still intact This might be nothing to do with Motherrrrrrcomes a cry, clearer this time A girl s voice Full of pain and grief Help us motherrrrA different voice, this time a boy So cold motherrrrA third child, also a boy He sounds younger than the other two What is that Lorcan asks, nervously tugging at his earrings I m not sure, Drust answers Only demon masters can mimic human voices And the undead don t retain the power of speech Perhaps Lord Loss is manipulating a lesser demon Motherrrr hold ussssssssThe girl again Her voice sends shivers down the back of my neck I want to run to her and wrap my arms around her, even knowing she can t be human She sounds young, scared, lost I don t like this, Goll mutters, his eye darting left and right, trying to pick out figures in the darkness They might be real children, Fiachna says The demon could be using them to trap us No, Orna says, and there s a tremble to her voice They I Motherrrrthe elder boy cries, as if in response to Orna s voice Orna stands No Drust barks, but she ignores him and takes a step forward, hands clasped over her breasts, face torn between terror and delight Something moves in the shadows Three shapes advance Drust curses, then creates a ball of fire and sends it floating down the hill, to illuminate the creatures Three children are revealed, stumbling forward Undead Their bodies are in good condition, most of the limbs are attached, the flesh isn t ripped to pieces, heads on necks But they re definitely not living children They move sluggishly and one boy s missing an eye, the other both its ears, the girl some fingers My children, Orna croaks, and although I was cold with fear already, now I turn to ice.Orna takes a second step down the hill Orna Goll hisses Stop They re not your children It s a trick But they are, Orna says Tears are flowing down her cheeks, a warrior no longer, all woman now all mother It s a glamour, Drust says softly They re probably the bodies of other children disguised to look like yours No, Orna says I d know my young loves anywhere Cold motherrrrthe youngest boy moans Lonely motherrrrthe girl wails Orna takes a third step They ll kill you, Fiachna says He gets up, breaking his masking spell Moves towards her, hands outspread If you go to them, they ll slaughter you, like the demons slaughtered them It doesn t matter if they were your children They re the Demonata s now They re Lord Loss s He shouts, scaring us all, You re out there, aren t you, demon lord Watching this and grinning, aye No answer, except cries from the undead children Fiachna closes on Orna and reaches for her, to lead her back to safety Before his fingers touch her, she leaps away from him and draws a knife Stay back she snarls Fiachna blinks and lowers his hands Orna looks at the smith pitifully They re my children, she whimpers I can t leave them They re calling me Motherrrrall three wail at the same time This is madness, Goll says, stepping up beside Fiachna Orna points her knife at him Goll glares at her with disgust but with sympathy too Put your weapon away and come to us You ll see the folly of this in the morning But they re my No Goll shouts They re nothing except walking lumps of rotting flesh Look at them, woman Look with your eyes and brain, not your heart Your children are dead Accept that Let this vision pass But what if maybe they could Orna s shoulders slump Tears fall freely Fiachna moves towards her again Goll stops him and shakes his head wait Can we lift the spell I ask Drust Remove the glamour so she can see them as they really are No, Drust says shortly She s seeing with her heart now, not her eyes No magic I know can combat a self powered spell like that I could shoot one of them with an arrow, Ronan says, squinting as he takes careful aim Orna growls like a wild animal You ll die on that spot if you do Let her go, Connla laughs cruelly If she s so desperate to mother demons, who are we to stop her BricriuGoll roars, the foul curse for a meddler Connla only smiles Please, Orna, I mutter, trying another approach I need you You re like a mother to me Let me be your daughter I couldn t bear it if you left Orna s eyes soften and she smiles You re a good girl, Bec And I love you, almost as much as I loved love my little lost ones She shakes her head ever so slightly But you re not mine They are And they re calling me But I get no further In an instant, taking us all by surprise, she leaps away and is racing down the hill towards the three undead children, who raise their arms and croon with delight Fiachna starts after her but Goll trips him As he rises angrily, turning on Goll, the old warrior sticks his hands out, palms upwards, the sign for peace, then says softly, Macha help her The fury fades from Fiachna and he turns to watch, along with the rest of us You should have let me go, he murmurs I might have caught her No, Goll replies She was too far ahead and too desperate Orna reaches the children and stops I expect them to attack but they just stand there, staring at her, arms outstretched, waiting for her to hug them For a moment I wonder if we were mistaken, if these are her children and mean her no harm But then Drust nudges me and points to the right, further down the hill I spot the outline of Lord Loss, inhuman eyes fixed on the woman and children, wicked smile visible even from here Ronan fires an arrow at the demon master, then another, but both stop short of their target, as though they ve struck an invisible wall Lord Loss doesn t even glance in our direction Orna kneels, extends her arms and draws the children in close I see their faces, alight with evil glee The eldest boy gently, lovingly brushes the soft flesh of her neck then sinks his teeth into it Orna stiffens but doesn t cry out The girl latches on to the warrior s upper arm, chewing at it like a dog with a bone The youngest boy s head sinks beneath Orna s shoulders He rips her tunic open I can t see from here, but I know he s suckling, drawing blood instead of milk Orna s arms tighten around the children, hugging them closer She hums a tune women sing to send their young to sleep I gasp with horror when I hear that and turn away from the awful sight of the undead boys and girl feasting on the living flesh of their mother Fiachna squats beside me and grabs me tight, letting me bury my face in his chest There there, Little One, he coos She s happy She thinks she s back with her children We should all be lucky to die so willingly But they re not I cry They re not her I know, he whispers, stroking the back of my head But she thinks they are That s all that matters Although I ve turned my back on the carnage, I can t block out the sounds of ripping flesh and the occasional painful hiss from Orna or moan of satisfaction from the undead beasts Even when I cover my ears with my hands, I hear them, or imagine I do After a while the others turn away from the sickening sight, one by one, ashen faced, eyes filled with regret, stomachs turning Even cruel Connla, who gave up on her before anybody else.The only one who doesn t turn away is Bran The boy remains sitting where he awoke, watching silently, head tilted to one side, frowning curiously, as if he s not entirely sure what s happening and is waiting to see if this is a game with an unexpected, amusing finale Eventually, since I can t bear it, I walk over, turn him around and sit beside him I lean against the simple boy and keep him faced away from Orna, allowing her the humble dignity of dying in private hide spoiler 5 Celtic stars Someone pushed the REWIND button Its fuckin 5th Century AD or so Old times rock So stuff begins with a neat biology related thingy Then we find that we have ANOTHER major protagonist.BEC Meaning The little one , Chic with awesome powers Magic, healing and stuff And oh A BLOODY PERFECT MEMORY i.e She could remember everything she heard, saw, felt or remember every guy she dated and so onHell Chemistry reactions would have been helluva lot easier if she gave that lil brain to me.So this chic is in a rath, some kind of primitive fortress kinda structure She is an orphan She is the village priestess Just 14 And like all of them priestess in those movies, she thinks that she ll lose her powers if she does THAT yes, That Hard when Fiachna the smith, her crush is around There are other friends Goll, a veteran one eyed warrior Ronnan and Locran, fierce twins and others.These people are always getting attacked by Formorii humans who have turned into demons every night Vicious monsters who just love humans coz humans taste great So one fine night they decide to have a party, and attack The men fight, the women fight, the children fight Casualities A kid gets his throat ripped His father goes in angrily and becomes Formarii s Dessert.The formorii go away Ordinary day.Then one day, outta nowhere, this kid comes in He runs like Flash But is as brainless as you Xp The people christen him Run Fast , since thats the only thing he says.The King of the tribe sends a group of warriors to follow the boy to wherever he wants them to go Goll, Fiachna, Ronnan, Locran, Orna a warrior chic , Connla Fuckin bragger aaand BECKY So they move on Following the insane kid They run into trouble But the kid seems AWESOME He helps them out You d love to read how.They reach another rath And find a druid there Drust, the druid is cold hearted than your freezer at its max He wants their help though A scene abridged Our guys Soowe got these damn Formorii attakin our arses every nite Dey seem ta get stronga an smarta.Drust Ya really think tha its da same ol Fomorii shit attackin ya NO Its nut da fomorii thi time, its da MUTHAFOCKIN DEMONATA Our guys Ya talkin shit Wat da fuck is the demonada Drust majikal Kreechas from anotha Universe They are Talla , Stronga an Sharpa Our guys YAY We doomed Drust Nut if ya lot will come wid me an help me close da tunnel explains stuff about tunnels Our guys We game Lets whup sum demonic arse So The Naughty Nine set off Drust teaches Bec new magic tricks which does not include a hat and a rabbit Spanking her if she does wrong Bad Druid One night They meet LOVELY LORD LOSS Oops Lowly YAY Cheers Go LORD LOSS 3 And they fight Becky somehow gets steals Lord Loss strength Gimme back my powers, Bitch Lord Loss moves away Promising them agony, depression, pain, torment, fearblahblahand death And oh Tommorow will be the first session.And the next day Death.Will some make out in time to close the tunnel Stop demons from crossing With Lord loss not on their facebook friends list Find out view spoiler Orna dies brutally grossest till date Bec finds stuff about her family aarooo Locran dies Drust reaches his destination Lord Loss learns Chess Lord Loss curses all of them Fiachna dies They reach the tunnel Rest for yourself to read hide spoiler 5 Stars Bec, book 4 in the Demonata series by Darren Shan is a prequel to the series as a whole What a remarkable rewind Shan has struck gold with this one again and he did it with both an amazing plot and with incredible characters.I loved little Bec her name means little one She is truly a fabulous main protagonist She is likable and easy to empathize with Bec is grounded, caring, and loyal All attributes that are needed to be a successful priestess Bec is not naive and is worldly Her character grows through out the story as do her priestess powers She is awesome.Shan throws in quite a few bad guys into this story Of course front and center is Lord Loss as this is the story that shapes the Demon Master s life and character There are also several Humans that are nearly as despicable as him Drust is one self centered and uncaring son of a bitch There are other bad people but I won t give away any spoilers.What makes this book stand out 1 Bec as our young heroine.2 Drust for being a total asshole.3 Bran Run fast.4 Shan s magic.5 The plot twists.6 The very different feel to this prequel from the first three novels.7 The violence and no punches pulled.8 The amazing ending.Bec is second only to Kernel as far as I am concerned She clearly wins in the powerful mage aspect but his voice and story will be tough to beat This is a brutal book compared with the rest.I love this series and the Imagination and writing of Darren Shan I am a huge fan Bec is a remarkable prequel that works on many levels I highly recommend this series to all that like urban fantasy that the older YA crowd would also enjoy.Fun Bec By Darren Shan 256 pages United States Little Brown Co 16.99 ISBN 0316013897 12 up Are you ready to get mentally challenged Not really, but this book will totally give you the worst nightmare From Demons, to Druids then to human This book takes place between 400 A.D and 500 A.D which explains why Christian was so unfamiliar to the people in the story Bec, the protagonist of the story is about to take on an amazing journey, a journey she would have never expected, and throughout this journey, she found out a part of her, a part of her that she was longing to discover for a long time Throughout the journey, many themes will be shown, from friendship to betrayal, to leadership and Bec will have to make the biggest decision in her life To risk her life and save the human kind Or be a druid, being selfish However, her human like heart, will lead her to the right choice Along the way, Bec will meet a little guy name Run Fast , why he stands out No idea, I just like his name But in the story, he has a special power distracting everything he wants to distract his pure and innocent mind is not that bad afterall But will this all help Bec during her mission Is she going to turn her back on Run Fast just to save the world, or whatever she wants to do I guess you ll have to read the book to find out Not only the awesome theme attracts my attention, the awfully drawn cover just makes you want to keep looking at that book However, you have to read the first 3 book to actually understand the book and really get into it Darren Shan, did an amazingly wonderful job, preparing the readers me for the ultra surprising ending in this incredibly disturbing saga He had gone above and beyond the fantasy world Some of you might be disappointed, disgusted or whatever, but Darren sure did a good job making us hungry for the next book in the Demonata series. Before I give the review let me just start by saying that Darren Shan is one of my all time favourite authors and I am not a huge fan of horror, his writing, characters and plot s just captivate me and keep me reading I recommend all of his books But this has to be one of my favourites in the Demonata series.Characters 9 10I loved all the characters There were evil ones and good ones you d think it would be as simple as that, but no In most books, it s black and white That guys the evil one, yay, you go stab him you hero Kill that evil it Not here, you know Lord Loss is an evil SOB, yet here we learn he was always an ass, but that s not the thing, Lord Loss is the one constant in all the books so far And what can I say him and his army of demons are just cool Onto the main characters such as the one telling the story, I love Bec She is just so awesome She has to be one of the most badass heroines ever Even though she is small and looked down upon she does not let others fight her battle She goes in guns high ready to shoot down every demon out there Yep, she s not your average heroine, plus her super cool magic powers are also pretty wicked Also, I liked the fact that her mind was not centred on the opposite sex or a boy instead, it was centred around saving the world Writing 8 10I am a terrible judge at peoples writing, so I ll just say what I thought of it It was good Like most of his other writing, it kept me interested and reading And I liked how he described what was happening to Bec, I felt as if I was actually there.Plot 9.5 10Ah the plot, I could go on forever talking about what happened in the book SO, I decided to just sum it up into one sentence It is 400 years ago demons are invading the world, a group of warriors and Bec must go on a journey to defeat them, and rid the world of the demons Yeah, that sounds a little ridiculous Read the goodreads blurb, it s a lot truer and it makes a lot sense The plot is really good and keeps you interested, wanting to know what happens, every step of the way The journey they go through is amazing.Enjoy ability 9 10Very enjoyable, a fun read that will keep you enjoying it throughout the entire book.Overall interestingness 10 10What can I say Overall, the book is really interesting The plot is interesting, the characters are interesting, and it even has a tinge of romance Isn t that what makes a good book Because it sure made a good book for me.Only way to describe the book To be a druid is to embrace death, dance with it a while, and finally fall prey to it That is why we ll never rule this world We have the power to bend all men to our whim, but are forever pushing ourselves further,trying to fly higherand falling Bec is a good book, different from the others, a prequel of sorts, very high in fantasy level While the others were in modern times and touched by our world, this one is instead high fantasy, in a desolate world not our own, one which follows different rules for the demon world.It introduces the concept of chess in the book kind of or Lord Loss s beginning interest in it Not sure how this story will tie in with the others later It did occur to me I need to read these closer together, or else I m going to start getting them confused Each book so far is with different characters, order of events and time settings.I liked the main character for this one a child priestess with good morals and a strong outlook in battle Their world can t guess what it is yet was different than ours and the demons have free reign there The young priestess was powerful and I thought may play an important role later in the series, but after that ending, I m guessing the importance she plays will be indirect than direct.As before there s a decent offering of violence and gore level for this age group, and Shan doesn t hold the punches back when it comes to displaying his creative mind and his knack for writing inventive fiction How happy I am that this IS fiction Don t think I could handle Lord Losses walking aroundNot sure on the jab at Christians but guess it depends on their world and how it tied together Understandable enough as a standalone but confusing with how it ties into the other stories I m sure as I keep reading, all will make sense and eventually be revealed This will be fine to read as a standalone and then continue with others in the series, although I prefer and recommend starting from book one and continuing from there.