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More than half of the book is made up of the challenges and secrecy surrounding the construction of the ship interesting stuff The story of the Musashi serves as a cautionary tale constructing the world s largest battleship while ignoring the emerging dominance of aircraft carriers may not itself have cost Japan the Pacific War, but it certainly didn t help. Extremely fast and easy read, but that wasn t entirely a bad thing Very interesting history of the building of the battleship takes up the first 3 4 of the book, only the last maybe 35 pages are about the actual active service Understandably she didn t have an exceptionally interesting service record, but there was so little in the book as to be entirely without note. Great book, must read Fascinating account of how superweapons can sound so seductive Of course they always have an Achilles Heel and the Musashi was no exception it never fired on another ship.Also interesting to see the secrecy and groupthink of Imperial Japan in action No wonder a small number of people were able to push the country to war The foolhardy machismo of the naval strategists contrasts with the devoted ingeniousness of the shipwrights who, incredibly, did not know what they were building. Good reading about the feat of building such a large ship as well as the socio political implications of the task The ship s battle record is accurate, to the point, and even though a little bit short still provides the reader with a good account of its actions during WWII. *Download Book ⇰ Battleship Musashi: The Making and Sinking of the Worlds Biggest Battleship ✔ Admiral Lsoroku Yamamoto, The Man Who Planned The Attack On Pearl Harbor, Said That The Three Great Follies Of The World Were The Great Wall Of China, The Pyramids, And The Battleship Musashi Yamamoto Understood That Sheer Size And Firepower Would Not Be Decisive Factors In The Battle For Naval Supremacy In The PacificThe Musashi Was Massive Upright It Would Have Approached The Size Of The Chrysler Building Outfitted With Eighteen Inch Armor Plating And Nine Eighteen Inch Guns, The Largest Ever Mounted On A Warship, The Musashi Was Considered By Its Creators To Be Invincible And Unsinkable Yet During Its Two Years Of Active Duty With The Combined Fleet, It Never Fired A Single Shot Against Another Ship It Was Sunk, As Yamamoto Had Predicted, By Torpedoes And BombsAkira Yoshimura S Dramatic Reconstruction Of The Birth Of The Musashi Portrays A Nation Preparing For Total War Under These Extreme Conditions, Courage, Genius, And Integrity Coexisted With Brutality, Folly, And Paranoia During The Than Four Years It Took To Build And Outfit It, Shipyard Engineers And Their Navy Mentors Were Faced With Seemingly Insurmountable Technical Problems And Plagued By Natural Calamities And The Constant Fear Of Espionage The Solutions They Found To Each Successive Crisis Were Sometimes Brilliant, Sometimes Absurd Battleship Musashi Is A Tribute To The Men Who Achieved This Engineering Marvel And A Testament To The Excesses Of Bureaucratic Militarism