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This does for dating what Jaws did for swimming I don t recommend anyone read this book As much as I enjoyed the 1999 film, it didn t punch me in the face the way the book did I had no intention of reading it in one sitting, but that s what happened I believe it technically qualifies as a novella but it reads faster that most short stories I m not so much traumatized by the horror aspect as I am by the pacing This guy s writing sucks me in and gets under my skin Everything was going fine for a couple hours and then WHAM It sledgehammered my soul I knew what was coming since I had seen the movie but that didn t lessen the impact I m still a little short of breath.Don t read this book if you can t afford the therapy you ll need afterward Fair warning Some of you in my horror circle have this on your TBR list you know who you are I advise that you remove it immediately for the sake of your own humanity It shouldn t even be legal to write things this terrifying I ve read hundreds of horror novels and I can t remember the last time one left me shaking at the end Part of me wants to unread what I read I feel hollow and damaged.For those who ignore my advice and insist on reading it, there is a bright side This is one of the most well written extreme horror novels that I ve ever read It would be shelved under Great Literature instead of Horror if it weren t for the small number of pages devoted to total anxiety induction.Forget the movie if you ve seen it This is about the writing than the story Dude can write. No forgiveness for liesThis book is gruesome, haunting, disturbing and all of the rest of those adjectives you can throw at a perfectly executed horror story There is nothing out of place in the novel Each event works itself perfectly into the next and the cumulative effect of it all is powerful The book is short and the prose is simple chances are that you ll be able to read it all in one sitting That is recommended because the full feeling of the novel carries itself perfectly to the last moment The last line is like best punchline to the longest joke ever told Except you re not laughing you re kind of terrified This is the story about a documentary filmmaker whose wife has just recently passed away The man, Aoyama, had to watch his wife slowly die and after it s all over, his friend, Yoshikawa, insists that he pick himself up and go looking for someone else Aoyama is resistant and goes on a long digression about the specific girl that he wants and how he could not accept another Then comes the first hint that something is not quite right Ryu does a brilliant job of keeping each character at least somewhat at fault For, Aoyama and Yoshikawa decide to hold an audition for Aoyama s future wife They advertise this audition under the pretext that they are making a movie So they sort through stacks and stacks of resumes featuring questions like What if you got this role and your boyfriend was opposed to your taking it The perversity behind a question like this seems so wrong yet perfect The novel drifts in and out of commentary on modern Japan I couldn t help but think about dating websites and the future of relationships I m sure that Murakami was thinking about these types of things while writing the book There was a way in which each supposedly desirable romantic trait was written down, analyzed and competed over that struck a strange chord within me That, so than the gross out ending is what makes this a horrifying story Horror is a fascinating genre and replete with readings for every liberal arts major to geek out over But what is truly at its core is some anxiety in the culture, some unspoken tension that is brought out in our worst nightmares Audition is the worst nightmare of human connection When one tries so desperately to choose their mates and delineate each exact detail of their sexual desires, something slips through their fingers and descends into madness Besides these themes which I m forcing a bit onto the book, because it s definitely not the main focus there are quite a few gags and bit of black humor Especially with the connection between relationships and making a movie These little pieces of interesting commentary never drown out the material but instead hover on the sidelines, suggesting something much deeper beneath the surface yet never detracting from the deviousness of it all.And the deviousness is only matched and outdone by the woman they end of selecting I can t really go much further without spoiling everything because I would so much rather you read this Like I ve said, the book is fast paced, easy to read yet devastating I can t recommend it highly enough. #Download Book ë オーディション ò Documentary Maker Aoyama Hasn T Dated Anyone In The Seven Years Since The Death Of His Beloved Wife, Ryoko Now Even His Teenage Son Shige Has Suggested He Think About Remarrying So When His Best Friend Yoshikawa Comes Up With A Plan To Hold Fake Film Auditions So That Aoyama Can Choose A New Bride, He Decides To Go Along With The Idea Audicija je moj prvi susret sa drugim Murakamijem Pre nego to i ta drugo napi em red je da odmah ka em kako volim savremenu japansku knji evnost i kako me mo da to ini manje objektivnim od drugihAli, evo, poku a u da obrazlo im ovih pet zvezdica1 AtmosferaOno to je zajedni ko i jednom i drugom Murakamiju jeste stvaranje odli ne atmosfere atmosfere u kojoj je sve mogu e ak i ono to vizualno podse a na realnu stvarnost mo e da sklizne u mra niju nijansu iz koje mo e da vreba ne to neo ekivano 2 Setting ivopisni Tokio i njegova okolina su do arani kroz sukob zapadnja kog tempa ivota i tradicionalnih kulturnih tekovina Interesantna je i Murakamijeva kulinarska etnja ovom japanskom prestonicom.3 IdejaSama ideja romana je veoma intrigantna udovac poku ava da na e sebi budu u enu na audiciji za film koji nikada ne e biti snimljen 4 LikoviMurakami kroz svoje likove oslikava arenilo ljudskih ose anja po ev i od onih najpozitivnijih pa sve do onih najmra nijih koja pokre u ljude na zlo in i krvoproli e Ljubav, opsesija, sebi nost, usamljenost, strah, teskoba, mr nja, ludilo, prepli u se i daju trodimenzionalnost Murakamijevim likovima Interesantno je primetiti kulturolo ku razli itost likova postupke i kodeks pona anja koji mogu da deluju udno zapadnja ki orijentisanom umu Dakle, likovi i njihovi postupci poku avaju da reflektuju one tradicionalne japanske vrline estitost, trpljenje, saose anje, u tivost, iskrenost, ast, du nost, samokontrolu, ose aj du nosti i vernosti, kao i potrebu za osvetom ukoliko se neke od ovih vrlina dovedu u pitanje Sve ove tradicionalne vrline e u Murakamijevom romanu biti stavljene na probu i pomra ene ludilom koje e eskalirati u monstruoznom inu osvete 5 Ukus u ustima u toku i nakon itanjaInteresantan je na in na koji Murakami pi e Dok itamo roman, mi dobijamo delove slagalice mladi u kolicima, no , i ti delovi se na kraju uklapaju u jednu monstruozno savr enu sliku Murakamijev tekst je britak i na momente brutalan U romanu ima svega onoga to prodaje romane danas krvi, nasilja i seksa, ALI ne u onakvom obliku u kakvom nam ih serviraju savremeni autori sa Zapada Moglo bi se re i da je Audicija pravo malo remek delo anrovske knji evnosti Na kraju, kada okrenemo i poslednji list, ne mo emo a da ne razmi ljamo o onome to nam Murakami ovim svojim romanom poru uje da naru avanje ravnote e mora dovesti do nekakvog vida kompenzacije da bi se ravnote a ponovo uspostavila interesantna je re enica u kojoj parafrazira u Aojama i njegov prijatelj komentari u kako ako im uspe cela stvar sa la nom audicijom i Aojama na e sebi enu, mo e da se desi da ih bogovi spale da bi sve do lo na svoje da je samoobmana najgora od svih obmanaDakle, ista petica Jedva ekam da okusim Miso supu i zapevam Karaoke strave Ry Murakami s Audition is a short novel which you can easily read in one or two sittings and unfortunately probably forget just as quickly ultimately, the book consists of a long and relatelively uneventful buildup to a sudden and quick climax, which is over almost as soon as it started Audition is the story of Aoyama, a middle aged widower of seven years, urged by his teenage son to remarry the idea is shared by his best friend, Yoshikawa, with whom Aoyama produced documentaries for Tokyo television Yoshikawa urges Aoyama to hold auditions for leading actresses to offer them roles in a film, but in reality to find a suitable wife for Aoyama Although initially reluctant, Aoyama ultimately gives in and when he sees one of the candidates, the 24 year old Yamasaki Asami, he is completely smitten he cannot get her out of his mind, and quickly arranges a date.What follow is a slow romance between the older Aoyama and younger Asami Although at the beginning Aoyama is not entirely sympathetic he admits to cheating on his wife multiple times, and despite doubts goes along with Yoshikawa s audition plans he ultimately emerges as a likable figure a widower who reminisces about the old days and women he knew then he was was married for a long time, and feels no connection to or interest in most women he encounters, being able to see them only through the lens of his wife He obviously loves his son, Shige, and cares for their dog Although Aoyama is fascinated by Asami shown clearly to border and even cross into obsession, he also obviously genuinely cares about her, and wants to make her his wife Aoyama devotes time and attention to Asami, who responds in kind she is clearly receptive to his affection, and seems to need it as much as he wants to give it When Yoshikawa warns him that something is not quite right about Asami, he turns him down he is completely devoted to her, and can only think about her They spend time together, and even though he still knows very little about her, she begins to open to him, eventually confessing intimate details from her past Aoyama is touched, and continues to be devoted to Asami, planning to introduce her to his friends and son.But then it all goes terribly wrong The hints are there, but they are very few and after the end seem almost nonsensical what happens jumps at the reader like a jack out of a box, unexpected and unwelcome The final pages literally turn the novel around on its head purely for the sake of doing so, making a sympathetic character completely repulsive for no reason other than visceral shock the ending sections are well written, but just don t fit as a part of a coherent whole The end is very sudden and plain silly.The book was adapted into a movie which was well received, and a became a cult classic I have not seen it, but I wouldn t be surprised if it wouldn t actually turn out better than the book, which is too short, too underdeveloped and ultimately too forgettable to be given proper attention. This review and other dark melodrama on my blog No forgiveness for lies Is it the needle sharp sting of malice, or unchecked madness grown poisonous Or, in the end, is it just a small misunderstanding twisted beyond repair Too beautiful, too wrong, too strange to be real.Aoyama himself is flawed, being a bit shallow and impatient he focuses on women s looks and history than their personality, and resorts to dating via a lazy scam of an audition These things are somewhat small considering, but clash with the flaws of the girl he ends up choosing, persistent and with a unfathomable, unforgiving nature Audition is a nearly exact mirror to R Murakami s Piercing both with his signature theme of genders and generations at explosive odds Brutal, illogical desires and acts all stem from their utter inability to understand each other in the disconnection of modern society Audition is a little different in that the hate is one sided Aoyama never truly grows to hate Asami, I don t believe Even when he very clearly should and has than enough reason to He just doesn t see what she really is, or understand what she wants.Only maybe the last fifth of the book could be considered a thriller, the rest is very much a character drama A clean but uneasy surface barely covering up some pulsing, visceral horror that breaks through at the last minute to bad, bad, bad consequences Audition is a little predictable, especially with its film adaptation being so in famous, but nonetheless a thought provoking and disturbing read Note There is some violence towards both an animal and people that may upset some It s mostly concentrated to the last few chapters, and isn t drawn out or gratuitous, but felt I should mention it. A brief warning, I will not be discussing the actual events of the novel at least without a spoiler tag other than a general plot description, but it is impossible to discuss this book without some spoilers in terms of tone If you want to know nothing going in, consider yourself warned Dear reader, please while reading the following paragraph, imagine it in the cheesiest movie trailer voice you can Thank you You ve laughed at Sleepless in Seattle, you were charmed by When Harry Met Sally and you can t forget about 10 Things I Hate About You Now get ready for a new sort of romantic comedy Meet Aoyama, a widower with a missing place in his heart One day though, he gets a wacky idea An audition to find a new wife Enter Yamasaki Asami, the perfect girl of his dreams but will a relationship based on a lie work After a little misunderstanding, will they win each other s hearts or will she have to do something drastic to make sure HE doesn t run away No matter how you look at it you ve never seen a romance like Audition.Yeah, anyone who has seen the movie adaptation, or knows anything about this story knows that I didn t lie in my description, but was horribly misleading and had a terrible stealth pun Now that I think about it, is it even a spoiler to discuss the ending of this one Much like Psycho, the big reveal is pretty much the one thing EVERYONE knows about it.I saw the movie based on the novel shortly after it was released in the US and found it to this day to be one of the horrific films I d ever seen It s insidious If one didn t know what they were getting into, it would not be surprising if they genuinely thought they were watching or reading a romantic comedy If it weren t for the cover of the novel, or the menu of the DVD which is nightmare fuel in and of itself , it would be so easy to trick someone with this.The most terrifying aspect is that the foreshadowing is everywhere view spoiler Seriously, count how many times characters complain about a pain in their leg or see someone with a limp hide spoiler AUDITION, by Ryu Murakami, is a book that I honestly can t even begin to write a proper review for I will say that I never saw the movie based on this, and genuinely went into it without any idea of what the story was going to fully be about.I honestly couldn t stop reading it, and by the time you even realize that you are going to be traumatized, it s already too late.Good Yes.Would I read it again No. Ya know, just the the other day I was walking down the street, thinking to myself, why is it so dang hard to meet nice women these days Wouldn t it be cool to meet a decent girl for a change One who isn t a total narcissist or a ditz, just someone to cuddle and read books with, a girl who s sweet and kind and doesn t insist on view spoiler cutting off my feet hide spoiler When I was in my teens and twenties, you could put me in a room of 1000 men and I would undoubtedly gravitate toward the most damaged ones I guess Aoyama and I have that in common.The gist of the story is this Aoyama is a widower who has decided it is time to remarry Enlisting the help of a filmmaker friend, he holds an audition to find his future wife by duping women into thinking they are auditioning for a film Out of over a thousand applicants, Aoyama narrows the pool down to a small group of women who will be invited to come in to try out for the role But before the interviews take place, Aoyama has already fallen for the beautiful Yamasaki Asami based solely on her application Little does he know, Yamasaki has a dark and horrifying past At just under two hundred pages, this book could easily be read in one sitting It will grab hold of you and keep you in suspense right through to the very end Murakami s novel reminds us that terrifying things can happen any time danger is always lurking around the corner Of course with a short novel such as this there isn t much room for character development, but Murakami does an excellent job of packing a lot of depth into a tiny box And the ending is a bit abrupt, but I don t really think the story would benefit from dragging out the inevitable If you are looking for a page turner that will scare the pants off of you, you really can t go wrong with this one.