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This book is a basis primer for all those questions that want to be mamas, soon to be mamas, or new mamas might google Alas the majority of the information can also be found on their website www.midwivesonline.com, whether of not your search engine of choice directs you there The organization of the book is linear Starting with, Trying for a Baby through pregnancy, postnatal care, and ending with, A New Life The content is such that most pregnant women will be familiar with the majority don t eat this, don t eat that, drink water, move your body, bleeding is bad, intense cramping is bad, exercise good, stretchmarks genetics , varicose veins genetics , limit exposure to harmful chemicals, fetal testing, and breastfeeding is good Two notes that were surprising was hearing about perineal massage using oil to help prevent tearing after 34 weeks and the Apgar score But I chalk this up to this being the first pregnancy.Individual books have done the various sections better for example Taking Charge of Your Fertility, in lieu of Trying for a baby , but this provides a decent overall view for the first time mama all in one place even when the Internet goes down. [[ READ KINDLE ]] ↾ Ask a Midwife ⇲ Here Are Answers To Every Kind Of Question, From The Practical I M Really Overweight Is It Safe To Diet While I M Pregnant To The Emotional I Want To Go Back To Work As Soon As Possible After I Give Birth But Will It Affect My Baby Mothers To Be Will Benefit From The Expert Yet Compassionate Advice To Questions They May Feel Uncomfortable Asking Their Doctor, Such As Whether Artificial Tanning Will Harm Their Baby Or Whether They Are Likely To Pass Stools When Giving Birth This Ideal Pregnancy Companion Will Inform And Reassure All Expectant Mothers This was one of the first pregnancy books I read Since I have opted to work with midwives rather than an ob gyn, I appreciated that the approach the book took was typically a holistic one focused on minimal intervention and expectant mother advocacy I thought the tone of the book was very approachable It was written mostly in a question and answer format and the answers were easy to understand The only reason I deducted a star is that the QA format wouldn t make it the easiest book to use for reference I felt like it was good to read all the way through to get an overview of pregnancy in a non intimidating way, but if I had specific questions, there are probably other books or resources I would consult first. Ask A Midwife is an excellent read for new parents or even second time parents as it answers various questions from the time you are trying for a baby, through pregnancy to life after baby Experienced midwives share their professional advice and wisdom by answering than a thousand questions These questions and answers are short and precise with ample of photos and illustrations for easy understanding I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and could not put it down as the questions were really practical and resourceful. This was a great question answer book It would be particularly helpful to first time moms been there, done that moms might not get quite as much out of it I do agree with another poster that some of the questions are a bit, Wow how do you not already know the answer to that but having spent time on Babycenter.com and seeing some of the bewilderingly naive moms to be on there, I m glad there s a book that has those questions answers for them. I picked up this book at a used book store after finding out I m pregnant for the first time It s written in an accessible style, although the responses to some of the questions are not super in depth Since I m a first timer, a lot of times I don t even know what questions I should be asking, so I ve found it useful to give me a starting point for asking questions to my doctor and for Googling in order to find out information. This book was very well written and had very thorough answers However, I found myself asking, Do people really ask these questions I think this book is probably good for young, first time moms or women who haven t had a lot of experience around pregnant women or babies. I think all new mamas to be will benefit from this book s inviting and comforting QA format Also, midwives can offer a perspective that s warm and nurturing without the over medicalized frenzy that some hospitals doctors may be prone to give you. It was very helpful. Some interesting stuff but seeing as I m on number four not much I didn t know Just some good info for a new birth plan