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I love Arrested Development, so I was going to at least enjoy some of the book At the very least recalling various quotes and scenes along the way would make me laugh However, where other and Philosophy books have so many possible philosophical elements of the show to tap into, Arrested Development and Philosophy is a bit limited in that regard There was some interesting stuff in there, but not nearly as much as some other books from the series that I ve read Lost and Philosophy, Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy, Simpsons and Philosophy. [[ Download ]] ↶ Arrested Development and Philosophy ⇪ A Smart Philosophical Look At The Cult Hit Television Show, Arrested Development Arrested Development Earned Six Emmy Awards, A Golden Globe Award, Critical Acclaim, And A Loyal Cult Following And Then It Was Canceled Fortunately, This Book Steps Into The Void Left By The Show S Premature Demise By Exploring The Fascinating Philosophical Issues At The Heart Of The Quirky Bluths And Their Comic Exploits Whether It S Reflecting On Gob S Self Deception Or Digging Into Tobias S Double Entendres, You Ll Watch Your Favorite Scenes And Episodes Of The Show In A Whole New WayTakes An Entertaining Look At The Philosophical Ideas And Tensions In The Show S Plots And Themes Gives You New Insights About The Bluth Family And Other Characters Is George Michael S Crush On His Cousin Unnatural Is It Immoral For Lindsay To Lie About Stealing Clothes To Hide The Fact That She Has A Job Are The Pictures Really Of Bunkers Or Balls Lets You Sound Super Smart As You Rattle Off The Names Of Great Philosophers Like Sartre And Aristotle To Explain Key Characters And Episodes Of The Show Packed With Thought Provoking Insights, Arrested Development And Philosophy Is Essential Reading For Anyone Who Wants To Know About Their Late, Lamented TV Show And It Ll Keep You Entertained Until The Long Awaited Arrested Development Movie Finally Comes Out Whenever That Is It would seem logical that only a fan of the show would read this, so the beating into the ground of show quotes was not necessary Most of these essays were both unnecessary and bereft of any actual philosophical insight I hope Mitch Hurwitz sues them so they won t proliferate their terrible writing on other show related pieces. This is a heady look at one of my favorite television series, Arrested Development The authors do a fabulous job making philosophy accessible and using examples from just about every episode to discuss each philosophy Note The text was written prior to Netflix reviving the show 10 years later.So all of the examples are from the first three seasons I always loved the show because of the smart writing, and the episodes can t be watched just once There s too much to take in This application of philosophy to the series helps me understand why the writing is so smart This book is a great way to learn a little bit about the most famous philosophers Think Freud, Kant, Jung, Rousseau while reliving some of the best moments on television. Lo que m s disfrut de este libro es cu nto me record lo genial que es Arrested Development, e hizo que me dieran muchas ganas de volver a ver la serie Es un libro de filosof a b sica tema del cual no sab a absolutamente nada tomando ejemplos de situaciones de la serie Es muy divertido e ilustrativo, no me hizo enamorarme de la filiosof a pero mi amor por arrested development me ayud a aprender algo nuevo. 3.5 stars Just a good enough book to kill the time for the fans of the show 4 5 stars. Arrested Development and Philosophy is an interesting project I m going to try to describe it, though I ll also try to avoid a lot of normative statements, since many of the things I have to say could be either pros or cons depending on the way you approach the book.First, Arrested Development and Philosophy isn t a philosophy book, it s a book about philosophy and Arrested Development What I mean is that while you ll find interesting connections between the history of philosophy and Arrested Development, and even a few interesting explorations of philosophical problems related to the series, but you won t find much deep philosophical thought Of course, you can t really expect anything else in a collection of short essays, but it s worth bearing in mind.Second, the book was in many ways a collection rather than a single complete thing There were some unifying aspects, of course, and the organization of the chapters made a lot of sense But it just didn t read like a single piece Authors would rely on the same jokes that had been killed plenty of times by the previous chapters it s perhaps easier to count the chapters that didn t reference Steve Holt or that didn t deliberately not not call it the O.C than to count those that did This also manifested itself in some repeated or at least not efficiently delivered material separate introductions to basic Marxism in Dr Funke s 100 Percent Natural Good Time Alienation Solution and Bourgeois Bluths Arrested Development and Class Status, for instance.Which brings me to another point this is a book aimed at people who lack familiarity with major philosophical figures It probably helps to know who Plato and Aristotle are going in, but even that isn t strictly necessary If you re familiar with Locke, Freud and Kant, be prepared to wade through some inevitably simplified summaries.The essays that I found least interesting were those such as Kissing Cousins Incest, Naturalism, and the Yuck Factor or Is Justified True Bluth Belief Knowledge that attempted to present a quick introduction to a philosophical debate that was at best motivated by an event in the show, or using examples drawn from the show Some of the best, I thought, were those such as To Bias Tobias Gender, Identity, Sexuality, and Arrested Development and I Just Blue Myself The Use and Abuse of Language in Arrested Development which attacked issues central to the show, or at least issues which Arrested Development seems particularly suited for drawing out.At the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed this book If you set your expectations correctly, and if you re of fan of Arrested Development with at least a passing interest in philosophy, it s definitely worth reading. Like you could learn about philosophy from a TV show C mon Arrested Development and Philosophy They ve Made a Huge Mistake is a hilariously entertaining look at this smart and witty sitcom Featuring 18 essays that address a myriad of topics, including Identity, Class, Language, Sex Gender, and Narrative, the discussions are incredibly thought provoking and funny The authors Her are clearly fans of the series and cleverly slip in several of the running gags and ticks I mean illusions of the show However, a couple of the essays don t really work, and kind of stretch to make connections between the characters and themes of the show and the philosophical concepts being explored Still, overall Arrested Development and Philosophy They ve Made a Huge Mistake is a fun and insightful read that always remembers to leave a note. Overall, there were a few interesting tidbits to be gleaned from the book, but given that each chapter was written by a different author, there were quite a few things that were repeated from one chapter to another such as referencing exactly the same situation in the show or character trait in several chapters I was also hoping for a bit intro to philosophy type of information from the book, but was disappointed There s not much to be learned here, even if you have never taken a course in philosophy.