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This historical teen,ya romance starts off when Ewan McLaughlin, who has lived with his Grandmother all his life in a small Scottish village where his family s Castle lies falling into dilapidation receives a letter to say that he must go to London at once because his father who he has never had contact since baby and early toddler hood has died and has left him the title of Duke Angry and wondering why his father left the title to him, Ewan is reluctant to go to London but goes to meet his Father s new family who have been left behind There are many challenges along the way such as the hostility of his half brother Richard towards him and the new ways of London society but when Ewan meets Anna Welsley and unsuspectingly falls in love with her, that just anger s his brotheras she is her fiancee The story follows what happens to all the character s relationships between eachother and the obstacles that they have to overcome to follow their hearts.I have heard from other people that this plot has been done several times before but this didn t spoil my enjoyment as I had never read a book like that before, but even if that is the case for the reader, I think the well developed and unique characters make up for this as I really cared about what happened to them.I loved the romance between Anna and Ewan, it was so cute and just what I was looking for a clean teen romance as many of the adult historicals are unsuitable Anna s shy but bubbly occasionally, kind personality and the things that she did reminded me a bit of myself and Ewan was a great hero, tall and handsome but with flaws too so that he seemed human You get to know both Ewan and Anna well by the end of the book as each chapter, although written in the third person, follows what happens to either Anna or Ewan Right from the beginning I thought they would be great together, especially with their love of books and poetry However, this book doesn t just focus on love as there is an element of adventure and mystery to it that adds an extra dimension to the book and makes you desperate to find out what happens at the end as it is quite unpredictable.I would recommend this to anyone who wants a light hearted book with an adorable romance set in the past that keeps your heart fluttering and makes you sigh If you have never tried reading a historical romance before but enjoy modern day romances, this would be a great innocent read to start with. This a an Avon Teen Romance so it s a sweet, clean romance book There s no 40 page sex scenes, so I think that it s appropriate for any age Anna Welsley is a sweet, kind girl who is engaged to a man who grew up thinking that he was going to be a duke after his father died only to find out that his father had been married before and he had an older half brother from Scotland who would actually become the duke, Ewan MacLaughlin hates his father for leaving him and his mother to fend for themselves when he was a small child He goes to England to claim his inheritance inky because he needs the money to save his lands and his people He has no wish to be a duke, but in order to take the money he has to take the title He is surprised to find a sweet and loving stepmother, Hester, with an equally sweet and loving half sister, Emily He is not surprised to find a bitter and angry half brother, Richard, who thinks that he is entitled to the dukedom The book goes on with Anna eventually realizing what a spiteful man her fianc really is and what a kind man Ewan is She can t help but fall in love with him, and Ewan can t help but fall in love with her Imagine how angry that made Richard This book was very well written and I plan on readingbooks by Kathryn Smith. Anna and the Duke packs tons of drama into a quick paced, cute romance This isn t a groundbreaking story by any means, but the main characters are highly likeable and the villains are a delight to despise The plot itself is full of twists and turns, and there s tons of drama There were some unexpected things that I really enjoyed Ewan s stepmother is welcoming and loving towards him despite the fact that he is a child of her late husband s previous marriage This was nice, because it would have been so easy to despise Ewan s father s second family, but his stepmother and half sister were way too loveable to do that.There were a couple of moments where I felt like the conflict was frustrating because it came about from simple lack of communication, and there would have been farinteresting ways for the plot to develop, but other than those small moments, I was overall intrigued I love how the revelations about various characters came in small amounts so that I kept getting surprised as I read along.This is a sweet romance with lots of intrigue and thriller elements to keep it interesting If you can find yourself a copy of this and want some light reading, this is definitely the perfect book to do that with.Also posted on Purple People Readers. Una novela rom ntico hist rica que me encant.Los protagonistas son dos j venes ella 18 y el 24 que viven su primer amor.Hay romance mezclado con un poco de acci n y algo de intriga.En este libro, Ewan un lord escoc s descubre que su padre un ingl s le ha dejado como herencia el t tulo de Duque, adem s de mucho dinero y una mansi n en Londres Ewan tiene p simos recuerdos de su padre y cree que ste los abandon a l y a su madre Vive con su abuela en un castillo escoc s que casi est en ruinas y decide aceptar la herencia solo para poder reconstruir el hogar de su madre y de su infancia Cuando va a Inglaterra a posesionarse de su t tulo conoce a Anna en una librer a, y cuando llega a su nuevo hogar descubre que tiene un medio hermano Richard , una media hermana Emily, adem s de una madrastra Hester Esta es la historia de la pelea entre Ewan y su medio hermano Richard por el Ducado y por el amor de Anna quien est prometida en matrimonio con su medio hermano Richard.Anna es una chica joven y divertida, con mucha personalidad, bonita pero no demasiado y es buen partido a pesar que su padre no es un noble pero si tiene mucho dinero, es atrevida para su poca, no solo lee a Byron, sino que es capaz de comportamientos prohibidos para la sociedad en que vive por ejm besa a un hombre que no es su prometido y de un cierto apasionamiento producto de su descubrimiento del primer amor.Ewan no piensa en casarse a n ni tampoco ostentar de su t tulo, solo quiere rescatar el castillo para honrar a su madre y poder ayudar a la gente que depende de l Es un joven atractivo, simp tico, inteligente, honesto, buenazo de coraz n y que tambi n lee poes a como Anna.Ewan sin querer se enamora de Anna y trata de evitar este sentimiento porque ella es la prometida de su medio hermano y no quiere hacerle da o, pero que siente realmente Anna por l amar realmente a Richard o solo est obligada a casarse con l Anna se siente atra da por Ewan a pesar de sentir cari o por su prometido, pero que har cuando descubra cuales son sus verdaderos sentimientos Una novela dulce, rom ntica, encantadora, muy rosa pero sin caer en la cursiler a o en remilgos Predecible como casi todas las novelas rom nticas, pero me gust como est escrita Sus protagonistas son muy queribles y se engancha rapid simo con la historia Los personajes secundarios no son muchos madre y padre de Anna, Richard y Emily hermanos de Ewan y Hester su madrastra , la madre de Anna una mujer ambiciosa que busca para su hija escalar posici n dentro de la alta sociedad londinense, ella y Richard los conspirar n contra Ewan para arrebatarle el t tulo de Duque lo lograr n o se arrepentir n de su maldad Una novela ingenua y nost lgica con ese romance de poca en que los protagonistas solo pueden expresar su amor con gestos, miradas, con frases le das entrel neas No hay escenas de erotismo, solo un romance que sellan con un par de besos Una novela rom ntica que le prestar a a mi hija de 13 a os para que la leyera Una novela ideal para leer entre un par n literario, o para una tarde de pereza en verano, para subir el nimo si estas melanc lica Est catalogada como romance juvenil y te har recordar con nostalgia romances al estilo de Mujercitas o de Anne de Green Gables, una novela para el alma rom ntica como la m a.Rese a en el blog ( Free Epub ) ♢ Anna and the Duke (An Avon True Romance, #3) ⚇ Ewan MacLaughlin Jam S Conoci A Su Padre, De Modo Que Cuando Hereda El Ducado De Ste, Se Siente Reacio A Viajar Hasta Inglaterra Y Conocer A Los Hermanos Que Siempre Ignor Que Ten A Pero Una Vez All , Tambi N Conoce A La Prometida De Su Hermano, Y Se Siente Prendado De Ella De InmediatoAnna Wesley Sabe Que Deber A Estar Contenta Con Su Vida Tiene Fortuna Propia Y Un Maravilloso Prometido, As Pues Por Qu No Es Suficiente Y Cuando Conoce A Ewan Comprende Qu Es Lo Que Siempre Le Ha Faltado En La Vida Y Lo Que Le Har A Realmente FelizAnnaCualquier En La Posici N De Anna Estar A, Como M Nimo, Satisfecha, Ya Que Va A Heredar Una Fortuna Y, Despu S De Un Rutilante Debut En Londres Durante La Ltima Temporada, Se Encuentra Comprometida Con El Hijo De Un Duque A Pesar De Todo, Un Sentimiento De Descontento No Deja De Carcomerle El Alma, Y Mientras Su Madre Se Afana En Planear Su Boda, Anna Se Pregunta Si Est Enamorada O Se Trata Nada M S Que De Un Matrimonio Por ConvenienciaEl DuqueEwan MacLaughlin, El Hijo Desconocido De Un Duque Ingl S Que Acaba De Fallecer, Es El Reticente Heredero Del T Tulo De Su Progenitor A Su Llegada A Londres, Debe Enfrentarse A La Viuda De Su Padre, A Su Hermanastra Y A Su Hermanastro, Richard, Que Esperaba Convertirse En El Duque Y Mientras Se Familiariza Con Sus Reci N Encontrados Parientes, Se Da Cuenta De Que Cada Vez Frecuenta M S La Prometida De Richard, La Hermosa AnnaCuando Resulta Evidente Que Richard Est Conspirando Contra Ewan, Anna Se Siente Obligada A Advertirle Pero Lo Que Comienza De Modo Inocente Pronto Se Convierte En Traici N Cuando Anna Encuentra La Respuesta A Su Coraz N En Ewan As book covers go, its pretty bad And the writing isn t really great either, its cliched and cheesy However, its an interesting story line and your sucked into the story of Ewan and his birthright as the next duke It is most definitely no Georgette Heyer, but it serves its purpose as a light read I read the whole avon true romance series in high school and I rate this one as one of the better ones of that grouping. I have read this book many times It is a romance novel with a bit of action thrown in In this book Ewan finds out that his estranged father left him a dukedom When he go to claim it he finds out that he has a half brother and a half sister as well as a stepmother This is the story of the fight between Ewan and his half brother Richard for the dukedom and for Anna s hand in marriage. This was a sweet and clean romance I would definitely readbooks like this It held my attention from the beginning to the very end The book was short and quick to get through I would recommend this book to just about anyone. Okay, so this is totally a YA romance novel, but I loved it It s a good love story without any mushy adult scenes.It s good to read if one is in a nostalgic mood FYI I ve never read an adult romance novel nor do I want to. I just re reading this one because I couldn t remember what happened It s an easy read that has clean romance It s connected with Emily and the Scot so read Anna and the Duke first.