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Cliffhanger I liked this one, while it is mainly about Cedric and Silus from bk one, but also we start to see storyline about Joey and Jackson werewolves from bk 2 but their story ends in the cliffhanger not sure when next is coming out and Silus former fiancee Varinia don t trust her at all Nope , it looks like she will be in next one also, after what she did in this I hope author doesn t make Silus and Cedric forgive her or trust her at all I didn t like her at all from the beginning, she was always referred to with cold eyes even when she was supposedly nice to them.Hopefully it won t take months and months till the next in this series come out, cause I won t remember it by then Better than book 2, but the first one is still the best of the series I am a huge fan of Cedric and Silus, so I hope there will beof them to come The werewolves were a great bonus this time, but we were left with a major cliffhanger with themI really think this book needs a sequel or two This cannot be the final book I refuse to believe it is I think I liked this installment better than book 2 The editing, though not perfect, was pretty good, to the point where it was not on the way of reading at all I remember there were two or three typos, but was it.Evil evil cliffy But it could have been worse, I guess 4 full stars. Bad editing again, second of this serie had the same problem Cliffhanger, so if you didn t start this serie yet better wait to see if there will be The werevolf subplot was interesting, but I believe the main characters started to bored me The first book of this serie was so good Or maybe I was in abetter mood when I read it Don t know I just decided to stop reading this serie.2,5 stars All for the werewolves I like them all of them |EBOOK ☺ All Hell Breaking Loose ♀ Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Vampires, HEA Cedric And Silus Are Two Creatures Forbidden To Be Together A Sun Sprite And A Vampire They Must Hide From Their Powerful Families Otherwise They Risk A Death That Will Not Be SwiftFor The Last Year, They Have Been Together, Thinking They Were The Only Sun Sprite And Vampire To Take Each Other As Mates Until Silus S Former Fianc E Arrives With A Sun Sprite Mate On Her Arm The Two Have Tracked Down Cedric And Silus, And Want To Create A New Nest Where Sun Sprites And Vampires Live PeacefullySilus Is Suspicious And Wary, Especially Considering The Circumstances In Which They Were Found, While Cedric Is Forced To Deal With His Jealousy That Silus Had A Fianc E Before Him, And With The Grim Knowledge That He Is Aging And Dying As The Days Go By