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[E-pub] ⚒ All About Oscar: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards ♷ This Is A Book For All Film Lovers To Savor As, Together With The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, They Celebrate As The Diamond Anniversary Of The Academy Awards Now In Paperback For The First Time, All About Oscar Builds On Levy S Well Known Work On The Academy Awards Over The Past Twenty Years It Is Both History And Appreciation, Chockablock With Inside Stories And Little Known Facts Do You KnowaWho Came Up With The Idea For The Academy Awards And Why Who Votes Who Is The Youngest Winner The Oldest Who Has Been Nominated The Most Times Without Winning Where Oscar Gets Its Name All New Chapters Added To The Previous Edition Oscar Fever, Include The Luck Of The British, The Foreign Language Winners, The Importance Of Being Eccentric, Is Oscar A White Man S Award This Book Is Neither Authorized Nor Endorsed By The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Look, the book is very comprehensive though sadly out of date as no updated version has been, or is likely to be, released The author tries to stay away from acting as movie critic but sometimes fails and harps excessively on a few movieswhich is a shame, as i assume his intent was to be a dispassionate historian here I would have given this 5 stars, but the amount of grammatical errors is a tad overwhelming, especially given that this version is the updated version, and the first edition was panned for its massive amounts of editorial laziness I haven t read version one, but my understanding is that this version is an improvement But any quality book is defined by it s editorial oversight, and i m left with the impression that there was actually no editor involved It s a shame to read a satisfying, well thought out, and detailed book, only to be constantly nagged by the large amount of grammar fails If i were the author, I d be appalled But them again, this is the second, and as of this review, final incarnation of this book, which leads me to the conclusion that the author didn t care that his hard work was felled by a disturbing lack of editorial oversight, which is embarrassing If you can overlook the bad grammar, the book is very fun and informative Fix the grammar for the next version, and ill give ya 5 stars