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!FREE EBOOK ♴ Aliens: Rogue (Aliens) ☥ Professor Ernst Kliest Wants To Create A Tame Alien By Genetically Engineering Creatures With The Violence Bred Out Of Them Alas, His Dream Withers When Spies Infiltrate The Base To Steal His Research And His Supposedly Tame Creation Goes On A Murderous Rampage, Killing Humans And Aliens Alike The saga alien is very interesting but some of these novels aren t very good but they are interesting. Another good Aliens novel, but really they all are starting to feel the same A mad scientist is experimenting on Aliens at a distant outpost and he snaps and things go to hell It seems like this is a recurring plotline in the Aliens universe.That being said, it s still an exciting read with interesting characters and fans of the Aliens franchise should enjoy it. This book is based on a comic but improves on it in almost every way It developers the characters better, fixes plotholes and even makes the heroescompetent It is action packed and really fun to read I would say this is one of the best Alien books ever check out the others at. A fun, simple action novel with aliens, marines, a crazy professor and a transport ship captain who gets involved into all the craziness Because the story is short, the whole plot does not rise above the average action SF book There are no clever sub plots and the characters have some personality, but nothing special Still, I enjoyed the book and I would like to readbooks in this series. The book opens with this dedication For Steve Perry, one of the finest writers of them all It is fitting because married couple Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, here writing under the pseudonym Sandy Schofield are up there as well.This is the 1995 novelization of the 1993 four issue comic ALIENS ROGUE by Ian Edginton Very much like Perry s own ALIENS comics adaptations, this one is very faithful to the original, and expands the characters in a lot of interesting ways There are a few minor differences i.e marine Choi is a Private instead of a Corporal Mr Kray is spelled Cray and a few major ones in the form of additional characters For example, in the comic Kray Cray becomes the love interest for the main character Captain Joyce Palmer as they run for their lives in the alien overrun Charon Base, while in the novel a new character Hank is introduced that Palmer knew for a while as a lover Hank is also part of a group of underground revolutionaries who secretly fight against the insane scientist who runs the installation for Z.C.T Corporation, Dr Ersnt Klein, who are also a new element Also, unlike in the comics Sgt Reuben Green is not the only marine who survives the doctor s machinations.All these elements serve the narrative while keeping the original story intact The writing style flows very well and is a quick read, mostly because it is so riveting and well written.NOTE While KKR and DWS have written a lot of novels together and separately included STAR TREK book, only a few were published under the Schofield name a DEEP SPACE NINE novel, a QUANTUM LEAP novel, and later for Bantam Dark Horse a PREDATOR adaptation novel. This ain t Shakespeare, it is precisely what you would expect from judging the book by its cover It s a couple of hours of frivolous fun A bunch of humans and aliens battle it out with a high body count on both sides If you ve had a long day dealing with stupid people, this sort of mindless entertainment is the perfect antidote. Read it back in middle school Enjoyed it then, along with several other Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs Predator books, but I probably wouldn t read it again. So, this book isn t as stupid as the other books in this series, but neither is it something I would recommend The characters aren t strong or memorable, the plot seems to be doing a retread of Nightmare Asylum, and sometimes the dialogue is just straight up terrible I expected a little bitout of the book when I discovered Sandy Schofield is a pseudonym used by husband and wife writing team Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, editors of Pulphouse and The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction I was a little disappointed.Also, I m starting to make a list of scenes that are required to go into any Aliens book Here s what I have so far 1 Someone coming out of cold sleep.2 Women wearing bikini briefs and a tank top when in cold sleep.3 Someone trying to capture a live xenomorph for profit weapons etc.4 The above someone has to attempt to impregnate someone with a facehugger.What else am I missing