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Alexis is the clear leader of the Cupcake Club She s organized, punctual, and happy to take on the stuff like scheduling, budgets, invoicing, and the things that the other girls don t really want to do In other words, the unfun things But one day Alexis feels particularly unappreciated and informs the Cupcake Club that she is no longer in charge After deadlines get missed and supplies aren t bought, the girls realize they definitely need a leader.And Alexis realizes being the leader is kind of cool as long as you know how to ask for help when you need it (((E-PUB))) ☉ Alexis Cool as a Cupcake (Cupcake Diaries, #8) ↾ The Cupcake Club Learns That Good Leadership Is A Huge Part Of Running A Successful Business And Friendship Is The Icing On The Cake Alexis Is The Clear Leader Of The Cupcake Club She S Organized, Punctual, And Happy To Take On The Stuff Like Scheduling, Budgets, Invoicing, And The Things That The Other Girls Don T Really Want To Do In Other Words, The Unfun Things But One Day Alexis Feels Particularly Unappreciated And Informs The Cupcake Club That She Is No Longer In Charge After Deadlines Get Missed And Supplies Aren T Bought, The Girls Realize They Definitely Need A LeaderAnd Alexis Realizes Being The Leader Is Kind Of Cool As Long As You Know How To Ask For Help When You Need It I enjoyed this book a lot WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I loved the relationship between Matt and Alexis It was amazing to see Alexis follow her dream and not let Dylan get in her way This book taught children teens to be themselves and not care what other people think You don t always have to be considered cool I might reread this I recommend this book for ages 6 12. I m in a hurry I will write the review next time but I looooooooove it Thank you Coco In the book Cupcake Diaries 8, by Coco Simon, the book takes place at Alexis, Emma, Mia, and Katie s houses The book also takes place at their school Alexis becker tells the point of view in this book She and her friends own a cupcake business which is called the Cupcake Club Alexis is all about business She plans everything for the Cupcake Club She organizes the pricing, scheduling and the inventory She basically plans the whole business One day Alexis and her friends are at a meeting and Alexis doesn t feel like they appreciate how much she does for the business So, they come to a solution of that they split all the planning, scheduling, and inventory equally There is a halloween parade coming up and that is all Alexis s friends are talking about Alexis struggles to keep the business in order and her friendship Since her friends don t know how to keep the business and their personal events in order she gets really frustrated But, she does want to have Emma s older brother Matt take her to the parade because she has a crush on him Will Matt take Alexis to the parade and will the girls keep the business in together I thought that Cupcake Diaries was a great book It was great because it was a book that I couldn t put down It was just a book that made you want to know what happened next because when Alexis was mad at her friends she was so frustrated that she kind of gave them a bit of sass or attitude Then the girls would kind of roll their eyes at her and she would catch them doing it and would be evenfrustrated I thought Alexis was doing her best to keep her friends organized and do their jobs because when I have a long term project for school with a partner I try to get them to do their half of the work and get their work done by a certain time I would recommend this book to a friend because it was a really good book I will continue to read the series The book Alexis Cool as a Cupcake is a good book because it talks about how Alexis is the leader of the Cupcake club and wants to add boring things to the schedule which the rest of the club does not want to do But then Alexis feels like she is not appreciated in the club, so she says that she will not be the leader any Is the story over Will Alexis ever be the leader of the cupcake club again it is a sweet series of books about girls. I really like this along with all the other cupcake diaries good Alexis and her three friends run a cupcake business They are also dealing with the stresses of being in middle school Alexis loves her job of running the business Her friends arethan willing to let her take on all of the financial part while they just bake the cupcakes But Alexis wants to be cool and fit in at school And being the boss of her friends is not her idea of cool So Alexis decides to take a break from business and see if she can improve her coolness rating But the chaos that ensues has her wondering if maybe she should take her old job back.The author did a great job of portraying the reality of middle school, while still creating a fun and entertaining story Young readers will be able to relate to the girls and understand their desire to be cool The author also addressed the boyfriend issue and handled it well The doodle style of illustrations at the beginning of the chapters is whimsical and fun At the end of the book are two puzzles and a list of the other books in the series.I received this book free of charge from Children s Lit in exchange for my honest review.