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Rating 5 5 too bad i cant give than 5 starsWhat i love about this site is that you can actually discover new authors and new series and thats what it happens with this one This is for sure one of my favourite book i read this year 2011 and a book that i am looking forward to read the second one Amazing story line with details that it actually make me beeing there and It didnt tired me at all I am not so familiar with Savanah and voodoo stuff but it was a good chance learning about those things i had no idea,just a little You wont regret reading this trust me at least those readers who are into Adults books..And for the record i envy Riley very very much having Eli to her side jealous face The ending make me wanted to read since the new hot and bad ass vampire guy is coming to the picture via dreams P sign P.S edit Eli music playlist to the car made me squezzeeee even since i both love Breaking Benjamin as well This review was posted at Under The Covers3.5 StarsRiley Poe is pretty kick ass She has turned her life around and gone from being a junkie and being completely in with the wrong crowd and doing the wrong things, to going to college, owning a tattoo shop and being a well known artist in Savannah This in big part thanks to Preacher and his wife who took her and her brother Seth in and helped her along just a bit so she could find her way after her mother was killed.The premise for this book is Riley s brother, Seth and his buddies apparently release two brother vampires who were captured centuries ago While doing that these vampires make the teenagers into their minions, and they slowly begin a transformation to becoming vampires which will be complete when they make their first kill in about a month s time.Riley never knew these creatures of the Afterlight existed but as she sees the changes in her brother and worries about him, Preacher takes her to meet the Dupres The local family of vampires, who centuries ago made a pact with the locals they wouldn t drink from a human or harm a human as long as they were supplied blood by other means i.e blood bank bags Preacher also confesses that she has a rare blood type, which is like a magnet and a drug to vampires, and that he has been giving her special herbs her whole life to mask that blood so no vampires would be attracted to her and killer her.The Dupres assign their oldest son Eli to watch over Riley while she helps them infiltrate in Savannah s underground, which she used to be a part of, in order to recapture these two rogue vampires before the full moon so that her brother can be saved and not turned.Except the magnetism and attraction Eli and Riley feel for each other has nothing to do with her blood and everything to do with her.It took a while for me to get into this book I had a bit of an issue with all Twilight type references I felt like I was reading an adult and at times, very adult, much to my liking version of the Twilight book To list a few Riley s blood being a drug to vampires, which they can scent and have to show a lot of restraint not to drink from her The pact between the Dupres and the locals and if they were to bite anyone even Riley, and no, biting doesn t automatically change them into vampires they would break the pact and they would be executed Josie is the weird, quirky younger sister, and her personality, comments, actions are almost too much like Alice Almost the whole Dupre family could be characterized with the Cullens The ending still leaves us with Riley being wanted by one of the bad vampires and he s coming back for her Sounded too much like Victoria.All of that aside, I will read the second book in this trilogy, I want to see where the story goes from here This could ve been a much better story had the author worked out all the similarities and just made up some other ways to fill in those details, since those things didn t really make the story My rating might ve been different then as the book and the story were not too bad after about halfway through, and I really like the hero and heroine. KINDLE ♰ Afterlight (Dark Ink Chronicles #1) ♓ The Dupres Have Been Savannah S Guardians, Appointed By A Band Of Root Doctors And Hoodooists, For Nearly Two Hundred Years They Ve All Grown Complacent Now, The Arcos Brothers, Who Ve Long Been Entombed At Bonaventure, Have Been Inadvertently Freed By A Group Of Teenagers Horsing Around In The Cemetery Determined To Take Revenge On The City Who Entombed Them, The Arcos Gather Strength In The City S Youth Within The Moon S Full Cycle, The Gang S Quickening Will Be Complete They Ll Become Vampires Newlings, Out Of Control And Craving Human Blood Will Ravage The City The One Thing The Arcos Didn T Count On Was The Powerful Love Of A Sister Riley Poe Will Stop At Nothing To Get Her Brother Back The One Thing Riley Didn T Count On Was The Powerful Love Of A Vampire Eli Dupre Will Do Anything To Get Her Follow Riley, Eli, And The Vampires Of The Dupre House Into The Shadowy, Underside Of Savannah I don t often like comparing the similarities between books butTwilight.1 Rare blood type that makes vampires go gaga.2 A vampire family that s humane.3 Male protagonist vamp that tries to stay away from female protagonist but FAILS.4 Lurking in the bedroom while she s sleeping.5 Female protagonist tries to save everyone by sacrificing herself at the end.6 She get s bit D oh.So yes If Bella happened to meet Edward 10 years later when she s covered in tats, has red and black hair, looks after her kid brother and wears minimal clothing and if Edward looked a tinsy bit horrible when he got fang and didn t sparkle then ta da Twilight.I ll read the second in the series though, just in case But I really need to stop reading books because of their covers.. More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages 2.5 starsI have positives to say about this book than negatives and as a debut novel amazing Firstly, I love Riley Poe, she is a refreshing portagonist and isn t weak like protagonists such as Bella from Twilight or just plain arrogant annoying like Sookie Stackhouse Riley has turned her life around from being a junkie, trouble making teen who someone who has gone to college and started their own successful tattoo shop Riley is a big sister who raises her little brother after their mother passed away and was under the care of an awesome old guy called Preacher and his wife who practice wicked African magic They helped Riley turn her life around.While Riley has turned her life around she is still a kick ass female protagonist who thnks for herself rather than for the man who comes into her life, Eli.The book is generally about Riley s brother, Seth and his friends who accidently release two evil brother vampires by disturbing Da hell stone and due to this, slowly begin a transformation that will make them the most savage type of vampire.In order to save her brother from becoming a creature of the afterlight, Preacher introduces her to the Dupre family A local family of vampires who by the way, are a type of vampire that can go out in the sun and Riley meets and falls for Eligius Dupre, a hot tempered, protective vampire who falls for Riley the same With some hardcore training and dark underground club hopping to figure out where her brother and his friends are hanging out to lure bait for the vampire brothers, Riley Poe, the Dupre family and Preacher man has less than a month to save Seth and as many lives as possible and to try and kill the brothers.The premise for this book is Riley s brother, Seth and his buddies apparently release two brother vampires who were captured centuries ago While doing that these vampires make the teenagers into their minions, and they slowly begin a transformation to becoming vampires which will be complete when they make their first kill in about a month s time.The only thing I can think of that I didn t like about the book was that there was a fair bit of talking about nothing although its a nice change considering I just finished the Sookie Stackhouse series and the chapters are really long, however it is still a book that is difficult to put down and will keep you wanting of Riley Poe. Quick Dirty Unfortunately, this story is not well crafted The dialog is distracting and repetitive There is nothing unique or novel to make the story stand out.Opening Sentence Afterlight According to the Gullah, it meant two things One darkness or dusk Two death, the life after, or beyond I m familiar with both.The Review Riley Poe isn t exactly your model citizen She has a dark and derelict past Highly sexed, drug addicted and out of control, Riley finally manages to turn her life around Riley is a tattoo artist in Savannah, raising her teenage brother, Seth, after the death of their mother Bored and looking for something to do, Seth and his friends decide to raise some hell in a cemetery quite literally Naturally, things take a turn for the worse as a result of the cemetery prank Riley becomes increasingly concerned about the crowd that Seth is hanging out with Seth is in trouble and Riley struggles with how to help him Eli, a dangerous yet good vampire decides to make his presence known He s Riley s guardian, sent to help her through this crisis Seth is experiencing the quickening, the phase that precedes the vampire transformation Together, they embark on a treacherous journey through the underground Savannah to save Seth from rogue vampires, and each other.First, I must note that this book falls under the urban fantasy genre, not paranormal romance When I received an ARC of this book, for some reason it was billed as paranormal romance From the very beginning Afterlight presented problems, and unfortunately, it doesn t get any better If I had to identify two things that really killed the book for me, it would be the convoluted plot and the poorly constructed characters It s hard to connect with any of the characters and the plot would have benefited from tighter and trimmed down revision The opening chapters are too cluttered with minutiae, and does nothing to really move the plot forward The pacing of the book is extremely slow and the dialog repetitive Afterlight has too many coincidences that eventually become rather hard to believe.Riley Poe isn t an engaging narrator The narrative is disjointed, and isn t particularly well written first person It was virtually impossible to develop a rapport with Riley s character It s not that Riley s bad decisions make her an unlikable character she s just not a well crafted urban fantasy heroine Riley doesn t have much of a backstory, and what we do know is by way of endless exposition rather than through Riley s actions Despite what we are told about Riley s past, she herself never feels authentic Riley has supposedly experienced a troubled past, lived her life on the edge Yet, nothing in her behavior or mannerisms suggests that she s street smart, hardened, let alone hard core Just because Riley works at a tattoo parlor, dresses a certain way, and speaks street lingo from time to time doesn t make her down for the cause I never once believed for a second that she was tough, capable, or smart Without a doubt, Riley is trashy than she is classy.Eli Dupre is a forgettable vampire There isn t anything really groundbreaking or sexy in terms of the vampire lore, and nothing really sets this novel apart or stands out in the sophisticated and crowded urban fantasy market I never felt that Eli and Riley had much of a connection Their relationship seemed based on convenience and circumstance.I couldn t escape the feeling that Afterlight tried really hard to be something that it s not complex, layered, dark and gritty I got the impression that Ms Jasper was striving to capture the gritty elements of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J R Ward The street lingo and the characters constant desire to be badass, hip, cool and in their element felt contrived, and painfully transparent.Another aspect of the novel that didn t work well was the Gullah speech For example, some characters speak Gullah, a type of pagan English While it s a nice attempt to achieve some level of authenticity, it falls somewhat flat in light of Afterlight s aforementioned weak characterizations and poor pacing.Overall, Afterlight has too many problems to recommend It isn t particularly exciting or suspenseful Its lack of depth and poorly written characters are the final nail in the coffin for Afterlight.Notable Scene I was somewhere completely different and unfamiliar, and I immediately knew it was a place where I was definitely not welcome, a total stranger As if I inhabited some weird apocalyptic world, I lived in a derelict warehouse with rats, flaking paint, and broken windows, and when I looked outside, everything was gray, bleak, and lifeless except for me Then I saw them vampires and at first they were on the street below, maybe eight or ten of them young, raggedy punks In the next second, they d leapt onto my balcony, and I stumbled back, then started to run All through the warehouse I tried to escape, but they were all around me, leaping from the rafters overhead, toying with me, laughing I knew then that I would never outrun them, so I turned to fight I was surprised to find a small silver blade strapped to my thigh it hadn t been there before Against a wall I turned, drew my weapon, and aimed One flew toward me, face contorted into monstrous bloodlust and hatred, jaw hyperextended It was Seth My fingers froze on my weapon I couldn t do it Then the others joined him as they descended upon me, merciless and horrific, and I screamed my brother s name so hard the lining in my throat was scorched.The Dark Ink Chronicles Series 1 Afterlight2 Everdark June 7, 2011 3 EventideFTC Advisory The author provided me with a copy of Afterlight No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review In addition, I don t receive affiliate fees for anything purchased via links from my site. I wanted to like this I REALLY wanted to like this A female tattooist kicking vamp ass but I couldn t even get to 100 pages.I rarely leave a bad review, but this showed so much promise and failed at the 1st hurdle.I will never be a fan of overly describing anything I find it boring and nothing switches me off faster The lead character comes across as terribly conceited, stating the people she tattoos treat her like a superstar The author makes a huge thing of her pink streaked hair, so much so that we get a page detailing why she isn t a Goth I m utterly perplexed as to why anyone would think pink streaks and tattoos equals Goth So why would we need a lesson in that Then there s the clich d both parents died so the older sibling looks after the younger one, but she doesn t resent it This wouldn t be so bad if it hadn t have been flung in at the start while to character was complaining At times I found the writing style rather annoying, with additions to sentences such as and I looked and I smiled and I laughed It made the prose far too clunky.I found one line too much to handle It could have been a direct cut a paste from Meyers Twilight And I was utterly, irrevocably in love with one I cringed.I m utterly disappointed. OMG that is what comes to mind after i read this book I was walking by while at save mart one night and i spotted the cool cover, i finally decided to purchase it and man what a purchase Definitely for all you vampire lovers out there, this is a adult novel so all you adults that enjoyed twilight this will definitely blow your mind Eli and Riley Poe are a match made in paranormal romance They are instantly attracted to each other and at first they deny the attraction till it builds and builds and then.BAM a mind blowing coming together for these two Elle definitely puts a twist in the vampires were use to for example, these guys can drink you under the table, and daylight is no problem once they throw on a pair of shades Riley is a hard knock talented tattoo artist who has a rare blood type that attracts other vampires, but the Dupre family has made a contract to protect the city in trade for blood But an ancient evil is released and Riley Poe s look on life will never be the same again She now knows what bumps in the night, Eli has become obsessed with Poe and his attraction to her has become to much for him to deny, when Riley becomes threatened he is put to the test in keeping whats his This is a must read for all you vamp lovers, its definitely 10 stars easy you will not regret getting in on this action. From the prefaceIn the scene before this, she s waiting at a bar for this guy to show up Vampires They re real They exist And they re so not what you think they are.And I was utterly, irrevocably in love with one.So I immediately thought, Hey, that s like a pretty blatant Twilight reference Wasn t good ol Bella irrevocably in love with Edward Oh I get it wink, wink Heh, at the end of the book, when we come back to this scene, she s gonna pop up and yell, Gotcha Twitard I hate this stank vampire and I m getting ready to stake his ass Since I was totally in on the joke, I sat down and prepared for the punch line while I mentally patted myself on the back for being so clever.As it turned out I was the punch line.First, let me say that I am not one of those people who think that every book out there is ripping off Twilight Especially books with vampires in them I mean, there were plenty of love triangles, stalker ish boyfriends, and Mary Sue heroines before Twilight came onto the scene, and I m sure there are still plenty to come.Having said that, I couldn t believe some of the stuff in this book Besides the fact that Riley is irrevocably in love with Eli, she also has special blood that for some reason drives vampires crazy if they get a whiff of her Oooookay And really, if that was it, I wouldn t think it was too weird But you then immediately find out that Eli is from a family of good vampires who has a pact treaty with werewolves voodoo guys called Gullah Uh huh. The Cullen Dupre family is different because they don t kill humans to feed Ah.The straw that broke my back, however, was when Eli admitted that he had been creeping into Riley s room at night to watch her sleep Excuse me, Miss I d like a large cup of Plagiarism and a bagel Mmmmmm DeliciousOk By the middle of the book, I was already annoyed, so some of the things that started pissing me off may seem petty And yet, I m going to mention them anyway1 All of the Goth shitI m not anti goth I m not anti anything really How you choose to dress or wear your hair doesn t have any bearing on what I think about you.Well, unless you re wearing a Fuck Anne Hannah t shirt, then I d probably decide I didn t like you based on your clothing In the book, though, everything revolved around goth fashions Like somehow, the fact that she was wearing earrings that look like spider webs or a fishnet shirt made her super duper edgy And naturally, because we readers are stupid, we needed to be reminded every few pages not to be judgmental towards people who dress differently Don t stare at them They re just people like you Well, not exactly like me, because I don t put much effort into my wardrobe On a side not, why shouldn t you stare at someone Who Goes Out Of Their Way To Look Different I mean, it s obviously what they want, right Why else would you do it It looks like it takes a lot of time and effort to dye your hair a funky color or colors and seek out clothing that isn t found in your average mall Any kind of look takes a lot of work to maintain, so I usually assume that anyone who takes that kind of time with their appearance enjoys something that they get from the experience Let s be honest, a lot of the people who are into goth fashions enjoy the looks that people give them, because it makes them feel like they are truly different Which is fine.But listen up kids, if you are really differentit ll shine through even if you re wearing an old Hanes t shirt and a pair of Levis.2 Panic RoomAs in We went into the club Panic Room It was smokey inside the Panic Room As I made my way through the Panic Room, I saw people making out Some guy touched my ass in the Panic Room I couldn t wait to get out of the Panic Room We went back to the Panic Room the next night Being inside the Panic Room made me nervous Panic Room Panic Room Panic Room Ahhhhh For Christ s sake, stop repeating the name of the club Like I said, this may sound petty, but after about the 50th reference to the Panic Room, I started to wonder if the author had invested in this place or something, and was just looking for some free advertisement.3 Easy OrgasmsOk, admittedly this is was not annoying I m just jealous of this particular superpowerand I needed a 3.I can t really say that Afterlight was a total wash, though Mainly because of the above mention sex Rowr I can see why you recommended it to me Jilly Bean you dirty, dirty girl And I am just shallow enough to give this thing 3 stars based entirely on the nasty bits Sue me. This is a great example of how a perfectly good idea can be ruined with lousy writing I chose Afterlight because I was in serious need of some vampires, and because the main character is a tattoo artist I adore tattoos I have three myself and I honestly thought it would be a fun read I was SO wrong Elle Jasper s writing is a slow torture the first 50 pages of her novel are completely useless, they serve no purpose at all Riley is drinking tea, walking her dog, describing her driving skills and taking care of her little brother After that things start happening faster and they even get interesting for a while But not for long.Here s what I found seriously annoying among other things for some reason, Ms Jasper adores the words urban decay Everythig is urban decayed, even the pants on Phin After the third time, it becomes ridiculous I m sorry, lady, but I honestly have no idea what urban decayed pants are supposed to look like The male protagonist s name is Eligius Dupr Eli Apparently the author was so proud she came up with such a great name that she used it in full on every single page Ok, you like the name, we get it But there s no need to put it in every other sentence, is there Describing unnecessary actions almost drove me crazy I pulled the Jeep over, killed the engine, threw it into first gear, and set the emergency brake, than just sat for a moment as I took in the area See what I mean What I DID like is the music on Riley s playlist Same albums can be found on my iPod Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric and so on To conclude, if you re not a hardcore UF and PR fan, don t bother reading Afterlight The story is not that bad, but Jasper s writing is awful.