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I was stocking shelves at the bookstore and came across this It sounded interesting with the boy girl rivalry and it promised to be funny I went home and looked it up on here but the description for another edition was different from the summary on the back of the book It mentioned affection between Beth and Josh and I like a book with love in it, no matter what age, so I got the book for 1.That was over a month ago and for some reason I forgot and thought that Jake and Beth liked each other, which I was really looking forward to Jake is the mean one, the ring leader, the one doing most of the pranks, and that promised to be interesting I looked forward to him being nicer And then I had to know for sure if that s who Beth in fact liked I came on here and checked out the other edition and lo and behold, it wasn t Jake at all, it s his twin Josh I was so disappointed Jake and Josh are 11 year old twins Wally is 9 and Peter is 7 Eddie is 11, the oldest girl Beth is 10 Caroline is 8 The description promised high flying humor and that readers would laugh out loud The humor was nonexistent I didn t find anything funny, not one thing I was into chapter 4 and hadn t found one thing amusing in the slightest Actually I found the writing to be overdone and annoying It was like the author was trying too hard and it was contrived The story started out with the boys being tasked with coming up with New Years resolutions and this big to do was made by Mrs Hatford, their mom, when they came up with only one resolution between them and not 4 individual ones Their mom was overdone, totally She was making all these big movements and asking question after question to get to the bottom of it She took her glasses off and looked at them, asked specific questions to each of them, then sat down in the chair Hard I was like what s the big deal They came up with one resolution to work on together The boys listed the pranks they had pulled on the Malloy sisters and that just prolonged the conversation I just didn t find any of it funny at all.Peter, the youngest, went to the girls house and that scene which I expected to be so funny wasn t For some reason the girls latched on to the boys just doing one resolution too, just like his mom had done, and I was like what is the big deal Who cares if they made one big resolution or 4 Ugh When I looked back I did actually find one thing mildly amusing Eddie, the second oldest sister, said they were making a lot of noise at his house on New Years and it sounded like they were banging every pot and pan together.Their questioning of Peter went by too quickly, there was no bribing, the kid already liked cookies and needed no encouragement at all And he didn t say his brothers were still going to play pranks on them all he said was that they were going to treat them like sisters which didn t really say anything It was so disappointing and not what I expected at all What should have been good scenes were disappointing and anticlimactic.What happened at school was just over the top Jake went to throw a snowball at Eddie, who moved and it hit the principal in the face Of course But I didn t understand why Eddie took the wrap and covered for him, saying he was throwing it to her and she missed The principal sentenced them both to write I won t throw snowballs on the board 100 times and said if they throw anythey ll be banned from trying out on the team Her logic was so weird and made no sense She told her sisters if she doesn t throw snowballs she won t be banned, meaning she can try out So you can only try out for the team if you get punished and threatened to be banned from trying out Couldn t she try out without getting in trouble Like, what It was funny when Wally asked Carolina in class why Eddie had done what she d done Caroline looked innocent as she said Eddie was just feeling sisterly Funny how she used their words against them.I thought, finally, some humor During the 4th grade recess Jake had to watch her write and during the 6th grade recess she had to watch him do the writing, and she had a sly smile on her face Eddie s plan for revenge was so funny She planned to have all 3 of then attack Jake and stuff him full of snow to where he d think he was a snowman, assigned roles for each of them and I like that feistiness in a character It was going too far to have Jake tell them to tie Caroline s mouth and then Josh tied her arms to the chair with his jacket Kids shouldn t be holding hostages I was so glad that Caroline got them back, because I didn t think she was going to She was taking her captivity too well, in silence actually and being too agreeable So when they are those brownies and found them to be lumpy, discovered lima beans and mushrooms and peas I laughed aloud.It was even funnier as she met up with her sisters who were looking for her and Eddie was upset thinking the boys were going to make them cook for them from now on, until Caroline said in 5 mins they were going to discover the beans she d put in there Their mom came in and heard them cackling and Eddie said a little justice was going on, and crime and punishment.It was a nice moment when Beth said she hoped they got someone cute to play the guy in the play and Caroline asked like Josh Hatford and Beth blushed.It was super cute about Caroline s plan She left a message on the boys doorstep and cut out letters to put Josh s name on it, and said that someone really liked him and to come to his address and ask about Elmer, and that s the part opposite Beth I loved Carolina did that When Jake asked what it was Josh stuffed it in his backpack and said it was just something dumb And Wally caught Josh blushing It was so cute that he had Wally come with him, saying a girl liked him and he was curious They get there and he asked about Elmer and was let in They were looking around all confused, Josh commenting that he could paint better than the lady doing the backdrop, not knowing why they were there The guy announced to everyone that they have the grocer s sons and Beth was on stage and looked as embarrassed as Josh I loved it It was so cute how he stared at Beth and her cheeks turned pink I was disappointed that Caroline only did that because she thought they would cancel the play if they couldn t get the guy s part I thought she was setting her sister and Josh up because she knew her sister liked him It was cute how Beth was dazed after.When Peter came over they struck a funny bargain to give him sweets if he told them what his brothers were planning Beth steered the questioning and asked if Josh told him he was in a play, if he mentioned her and if he liked her Peter said he thought so and that Josh had said he had to hold her hands and get married.I was so upset that Caroline got sick and couldn t do the play Was that a lesson in being humble Because I didn t think Caroline was being conceited at all, despite the word precocious being thrown around about her She was just proud she was going to be starting her career What s wrong with that She asked her parents if they were going to get her flowers and I didn t like her parents reaction Her mom said she wasn t the only actress, or the leading actress and this wasn t Broadway She suggested she act the role of being humble Her dad asked why she didn t accept the fact that she was lucky to get a part and everyone s role is important and stop looking for special favors I didn t see anything wrong with parents getting flowers for their daughter s first role on stage who wants to be an actress That s called encouragement.What made it even worse was that the mean girl who stepped on her toe and pushed her during tryouts got her part I expectedfrom Beth and Josh being in the play, but nothing happened Josh was mostly just proud of his painting job But Caroline came onto the stage in her pajamas, all sick and flushed and her voice hoarse, tried to say a line and was pulled offstage How awful Wally did feel sorry for her, and it was nice that while she was out of school he brought her homework She s in his grade, one higher, because she s precocious I was expecting so muchto happen when they were all snowed in alone together, but it was disappointing School was let out early because of the blizzard and the girls went home to discover that they re mom wasn t back yet and they couldn t get a hold of their dad They feared the worst and so when Peter called to tell them he couldn t spy for them any, they told him what happened Josh got on the phone and said they would come over.The girls were so worried about their parents and then the boys got worried about their own parents that no one was hungry or felt like playing games The food and hot choc went to waste and I wanted something to happen between Beth and Josh When the boys were leaving everyone was being nice to each other Oddly, Caroline noticed they were as fat as furniture and I didn t understand what that was about, just figured it was bcuz of their coats Then they discovered that the boys took all of their cookies and stuffed their pockets That was the final prank and the girls vowed to get them back I didn t expect that to be the end because there were quite a few pages left The last 18 pages weren t a part of the story and I hate when books end sooner than I expect because the last pages are scenes from other books and author notes and all that It s deceptive It did make me want to read the whole series and catch up on things I didn t feel like I was missing out this could be qualified as a stand alone, but they did mention some past pranks that I d like to know about, and I just want to experience them meeting and see where things obviously went wrong I didn t realize until I got on here and looked up the synopsis of the first book and read the feuding Hatford and Malloy that their names were modeled after the Hatfields and McCoys The first letters didn t even hit me all through the story.One issue was that it was mostly in the perspective of Wally and Caroline, so we were getting their thoughts and feelings most of the time I would have preferred to hear from all of the kids The only ones we got to see at school were Caroline and Wally and they were in the same class I wanted to hear about Beth and Josh and Jake s day I think it should be told about all of the kids equally and not just focus on two I wanted descriptions of the characters because I didn t know what anyone looked like I didn t know the girls had blonde hair until I went back and looked at the cover, or that the boys had dark hair Even tho it s a kid s novel I need to know what everyone looks like Hair color, eye color, height, what they re wearing, personality types, etc.I could have done without the letters from Wally to the boys who moved out of the home the girls now reside in I don t know the boys since I m just started out on the 5th book, but that should be over in my opinion The boys moved to Ohio and I think the girls came from Ohio I also didn t like that the girls didn t know if they were going to be able to stay there And it sounded like the other family of boys was thinking of moving back I hope the girls don t leave I don t care about meeting those boys This is such a cute and enjoyable read Their antics kept me smiling and laughing and it s rare that I laugh aloud at a book or smile so big, so it takes something special to make that happen Even being 24 while reading this for the first time didn t make me feel too old I saved this specifically for a snow day and what a perfect way to spend it It snowed almost the entire day, around 6 inches, and I read this off and on for most of the day and had a great time I was only sorry when it ended because I wanted evenpranks and couldn t wait to find out how all the girls were going to get back them for stealing their desserts. As good as the others in this series Well written, fun book. Thoroughly and completely enjoyed this series, which I read to my daughters through Nov Dec at bedtime Love, love, love Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for elementary aged readers Love, love, love this series for the Brady bunch era of hijinx between children Love, love, love that neither the boys nor the girls are clear case winners of the war , though, my daughters do believe there was a winner Whole heartedly recommend as a family read and to all elementary aged readers. i loved it Boys vs Girls or is it Boys Girls 3 stars |FREE EBOOK ☥ A Traitor Among the Boys ♴ After All The Trouble At Christmas, The Hatford Boys Make A New Year S Resolution To Treat The Malloy Girls Like Sisters But Who Says You Can T Play Tricks On Sisters The Girls Will Need To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Boys, And Are Willing To Pay Big Time For Advance Information Homemade Cookies Should Be All It Takes To Make A Traitor Spill The Beans But Which Boy Has Loose Lips Caroline S Horrified About Sharing Her Birthday With Her Enemy Wally, But Is Thrilled With Her Role In The Town Play Don T Ask How Beth, Josh, And Wally Get Roped Into It Just Wait Until Showtime When Caroline Pulls Her Wildest Stunt Yet As Each Side Wonders How Far The Other Will Go, They Unexpectedly Find Themselves Facing A Blizzard And Worrying About Their Parents Safety That S When The Lights Go Out Kids love these stories Such fun characters. 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