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~FREE PDF ☢ A Rich Young Man: St. Anthony of Padua ☰ A Classic Includes Active Table Of Contents Includes Religious Illustrations LISBON Knew Nothing Of The Family De Bulhom BeforeIn That Year, Don Raoul De Bulhom Came From The North With The Armies Of Afonso Henriques To Reclaim The City From The Saracens And To Remain There With His Wife And Son Lisbon Speculated, But None Could Learn De Bulhom S Origin, Either As To Family Or Country Similarity Of The Name De Bulhom To De Bouillon Inspired A Conjecture That Don Raoul Bore In His Veins The Blood Of The Great Duke Godfrey But Don Raoul Neither Affirmed Nor Denied The Speculation, And Thus Confirmed It By Default Aeterna Press This book was good, but not quite as fulfilling or interesting as it could have been It certainly does not take the place of a biography, it fails to capture very much of his spirit or holiness, and has very little about it that is remarkable or inspiring It was not a bad story and was fairly entertaining to read, but I think the author could have donegiven the subject matter. 4 stars because the beginning of the book didn t convince me the author focused too much in talking about the saint s behavior when he was a child but didn t develop the psychology of the character Therefore, the character s decisions seemed impulsive However, by the middle of the book it got very good, as one sees a change in the Saint and those that surrounded him The author was very good in providing historical background of the time and intertwining it with the saint s life By the end of the book, I loved it. Maybe I do like historical fiction Or maybe as I maintain , I just like good writing.That s what this is good writing Tan Books is doing all of us a service, making these books available It s fiction that s heartening It s entertaining and educational.Did I mention it s good writing Well then Go read it. A fascinating story I had no idea who St Anthony was but his is such an inspiring story I recommend it to everyone.