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Pdf ♴ A Rebel Princess ♶ Putri Tora Dari Radoslav Dijodohkan Untuk Menikah Dengan Raja Salona Yang Sudah Berumur Tora Sangat Takut Karena Harus Menikah Dengan Pria Yang Belum Pernah Dilihatnya Dengan Menyamar Sebagai Pemusik, Ia Pergi Ke Istana Salona Untuk Melihat Raja Yang Dijodohkan Padanya Ia Terlibat Dalam Banyak Petualangan Dalam Salah Satunya, Ia Menemukan Cinta Yang Tak Pernah Diduganya Story of a princess that her father the king want her to get married , it s like a deja vu thing ,.., but then it was really romantic , i was expecting some actions some love some feelings in the aire.., but after reading quarter of the book it s became boring after she saw Miklos that i totaly knew that he was the prince from the beginning , she felt in love , it was so so quick , so inrealistic.., i love Barbara s novels , but this one , the characters were really boring , from first sight she was ready to marry him , there was no talk , no feelings , juste I love you you love me.., i don t lie , when she saw the prince the day when she was getting married to the king , i was happy.., that moment i got goosbumps , then evrything stoped.., the ending some butterflies was flying ,but i still love Barbara Cartland 3.