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Maybe 4.5 Not so much funny things as in the previous Kev stories,touching story of friendship.With brilliant Esquerra art. I originally picked up the first and third Kev books used at a game comic shop I didn t realize that there was a book 2 So I ordered this one online What I also didn t realize was that this book doesn t have anything to do with the Authority, which was the reason I picked up the books in the first place So this one was kind of a disappointment compared to the first book which did focus on Kev but also had huge plots like most Authority comics.This is really bloody and graphic stuff so if you re not into that I would avoid it The dialogue is good and extremely vulgar at time and even though Kev is kind of a wanker you still find yourself routing for him.Looking forward to book 3 since that definitely does involve the Authority. Great, gritty story of one of my favourite anti heroes or is that sombre non hero Hard tale, no apologies, but well worth reading Takes Kev to where he couldn t help but face his mistakes and sins and come clean with them Great read, good art Thanks to Grant for a well told wrap up to the series. Profane, violent and gross, but entertaining. awesome graphic novels Story of an ordinary guy fiding himself in awkward scrapes and always hanging on by sheer luck. .Epub ♁ A Man Called Kev. Writer, Garth Ennis ☣ The World Is A Lonely Place When You Re A Man Without A Home Just Ask Down On His Luck Special Air Service Corporal Kev Hawkins After Murdering His Boss In A Nasty Government Scheme, He S Been Banished From The United Kingdom Under Pain Of Death What Does The World Hold For A Man With Little Life Experience Or Job Training Beyond Wetworks And Assassination Then Again, With A Past About To Catch Up With Kev In The Most Violent And Terrifying Way Possible, What The World Holds For Him May Soon Be Beside The Point POf Cover