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You ve gotta love a series where you like and get invested in EVERY character, even the ssholes. awesome series it has been great seeing the characters develop from book one to current A very nicely set up urban fantasy series with a dash of romance with a Kick arse heroine who mostly manages to scrape through her encounters ,good side plots and repercussions that pop up in different stories and her side kicks who are often as detailed as Kate is, and who grow with her over the series.Plot stuff ummm, magic is back in the world and with it comes all the things from religion, fantasy and legend yes including were creatures and vampires different spin on those.Kate has an mysterious parentage issue that is the backbone of the plots, step father issues, an issue with authority, and she back chats Kates day job is a trouble slaying no guns for this girl mercenary and part time knight The rest is her surviving the above mentioned issues.I am making a muff of this go read the series it is entertaining and has multiple read ability for each of the books Don t read the books the night before work though #KINDLE ¸ A Kate Daniels Magic Series Collection (Kate Daniels, #1-5) Î Amazing Books, A Kate Daniels Magic Series Collection Kate Daniels, 1 5 By Ilona Andrews This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Kate Daniels Magic Series Collection Kate Daniels, 1 5 , Essay By Ilona Andrews Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Rating 4.5 The Kate Daniels storyline occurs in the future parallel world similar to ours The world has suffered a magic apocalypse We pushed the technological progress too far, and now magic returned with a vengeance.It comes in waves, without warning, and vanishes as suddenly as it appears When magic is up, planes drop out of the sky, cars stall, electricity dies When magic is down, guns work, spells fail and wards go down It s not balance, it is pure chaos.Most of the inhabitants are born magical.There are druids, witches, volhvs, shamans, necromancers, were animals, vampires, rabbis, golems, trolls, gods, rakshasa, demons, deities, upirs, minotaurs typically all the magical creatures you can imagine, but don t worry it s not a mess only a magical clutter DIn this world lives Kate Daniels a well trained assassin who likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth xDShe likes to play smart ass with her snappy comebacks forcing the people around her to the edge of madness Reminds me of Faythe from Shifters series by Rachel Vincent book Werecats Faythe Sanders Series Books 1 5 Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey Shift 11958951 and Mercedes from Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs book Mercy Thompson Series Collection River Marked, Silver Borne, Bone Crossed, Iron Kissed, Blood Bound, Moon Called 12198712 you gotta LOVE this girl m The magic in her blood makes her a target and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight preparing herself to the upcoming battle with her own sire with the ultimate goal of killing him a deed many tried to achieve through many millenniums but failed.Even though she tries to live a life of no attachments of friendship or family, trying not to catch extra attention, only surviving her day to day life, trying her best to conceal her existence from her father Roland who has lived millenniums and known by many names through the years, the meanest big bad wolf Dwell in this case a lion Curran the Beast Lord of Atlanta weres has his eyes on her.And it s exactly as they say sometimes even trained killers make friends and fall in love, and when the universe tries to kick them in the face, they kick back This is an ongoing novel series which keeps you on edge dying to know what happens next Highly unpredictable and original which keeps you glued to the plot The story keeps getting better and better dissolving the distance between Kate and her father inch by inch both by exposure and power.And now view spoiler she has seized Hugh s attention the leader of the Order of Iron Dogs who is only waiting for the right time, collecting information to reveal her existence to his lord Roland the shadowy figure unknown to laymen who is rud to possess an almost god like power hide spoiler I have found a new series to add to my favorites This one has a heroine that is witty, a little damaged, and someone to relate to, as well as a male counterpart that thinks like a cat instead of the usual dog The sexual tension is perfect It doesn t dominate the story line, in other words it is urban fantasy with a touch of romance However, it s just enough to leave the reader really anticipating that part of the story and wanting for On that note, she goes into just enough carnal detail to make it a romance instead of pseudo erotica that I frequently find in the dark fantasy genre It s refreshing to actually have to use my imagination rather than skim past page after page of licking and swallowing and thrusting and hard this and soft that HOWEVER THE BEST PART is that this series occasionally leaves me laughing so hard I cry.The post apocalyptic themes are creative and well thought out, and the mix of different mythologies is well done I also really like that I find myself using my e dictionary a little as Ilona Andrews will actually use an uncommon word or two here and there Bravo, and my lazy butt is glad I have my Kindle for that. I d like to dedicate this review to speak about how much I positively adored reading the Kate Daniels series So this is a review I wrote in 2016 on the whole series which I read in a week At one stage when reading the Kate Daniels novels I had such intense fangirl feelings My heart was clenching I could think of nothing else except Kate and Curran It was a wonderful feeling Your heart feeling clenched and tight, as if it will not be unclogged unless your ship gets together And let s just say that it took four books for my ship to sail That s four days of feeling this way It was wonderful I felt as if I was In Love, my head was in cloud 9 literally and figuratively It was a wonderful journey I love how it literally took curran and Kate 6 books to admit they loved each other As I hate insta love The only reason why I plummeted through 6 books in one week was because they dragged out the love story Kates lineage and heritage make her remarkably badass Kate s Dad is a 5000 years old murderous killer who would kill her in an instant if he knew she was alive As a result of her lineage she was trained by Voron for 15 years to be a strong badass killer How much amazing does that get Trained for 15 years since birth to be incredibly strong Killing, it s innate and second nature to her She is so badass it s not even funny I loved how every badass moment Kate had, people were watching and were mesmerised by her badasness I loved her fiery remarks and bitch comments No one fucks with her I love it Her power enthralled and captivated me and all onlookers in the story She had so much power and strength I love it I love badass powerful and strong women The romance especially didn t take up the whole entire plot Every book their was a new mystery to solve it was brilliant Magic bites and all the rest have thousand of different characters that I love and intrigue me Also I loved how powerful Curran was How he has such a powerful reputation Like what s cooler than being the fucking beast lord That s right nothing The mating ritual was hands down entertaining and hilarious I couldn t keep my eyes from engulfing and inhaling all the scenes where curran and Kate were courting each other I also love the other characters reactions to when the main couple finally gets together I always look forward to how the other minor characters will react to the main couple s ongoing tension Hence Curran s people and their reaction to falling in love with Kate needed to be well structured And it was Aunt B and her methodical calculations, Rapheal and his constant teasing, Jim and his silent knowing looks I loved that conversation where Kate told Aunt B that Curran fed her soup And Curran, Raphael and Andrea all stared at her in shock I also loved that convo where Raphael explained about courting rituals It was hilarious to hear how shapshifters from different clans court their would be mates I also loved when the whole pack found out that Kate broke into Currans quarters and messed with his equipment and spread catnip on his bed Their gossiping brought joy to my heart Hence their reactions did not disappoint I was literally at stages biting my skin because of how sexy curran is at times It was joyous I would squeal In delight Like when he called her mate for the first few times When he did anything adorable really Gawd I loved the shape shifter laws The rules Everything How feeding your significant other was meaningful How they broke into each others houses It s hilarious It s sexy and it s great I loved all characters Even characters your not meant to like, such as Ghastek, Hugh d Ambray, Saiman They all have their shitty jackass moments and villainous ways But the books would not have been the same without them Ghastek isn t really a villain though, of an ally you got to keep an eye on, in a keep your friends close but your enemy closer kind of way Other characters like Jim, Derek, Andrea, Mahon, aunt B, Julie, Dali Are essential to the book Though I do wish we see of Dali and Jims relationship in the main story and not just the novella I won t forget when Raphael handed Curran a fucking fan and told him to give it to Kate because she might faint at the sight of his naked torso In the third book I laughed way to hard at Currans expressionless face Barbaras and jezabel Kate s werehyenas nannies are also new characters whom are entirely loveable The third and fourth books are hand down my favourite The third book being my favourite The midnight games was an excellent plot story I mean how she managed to piss off Curran with Jim and Derek by going against his orders and competing in the midnight games Like that was fun to fucking read He was pissed I love it when Curran is pissed It makes for great drama It had me hooked The fourth book had another amazing plot line with Kate s aunt Erra And not to mention the third and fourth book is the ultimate peak and climax of Currans and Kate s relationship Kate and all her glory man I mean how much fucking badass can you get I ve never felt this way about anyone besides Celeana Sardothien Aka Alien ashryver galynthinuis Kate has words of power Fucking words of power One word enabling people fall obedient to her When she says those words you know shit just got epic She can make a thousand demons kneel and kill them with her fantabulously epic sword slayer She will decapitate a persons head and walk through a hall with slayer in one hand and the head in another and automatically cease all conversations She can navigate like 50 vampires at once Far man I can t wait to see ghasteks reaction when he finds out how immensely powerful Kate is and who she is So much badasness man so much She s once killed 20 shifters who challenged her alpha status in less than a week I can t remember all her awesomeness But I know their is way in all the 6 books I ve read Oh OH She also in the third book destroyed a sword that Roland spent five years forging in his own blood by rushing into it and stabbing herself in the process, fusing the sword with her own blood and using the power word Ud to kill it So fucking badass Like how freaking badass is this scene when Curran fell unconscious for eleven days Some of you know me Some of you have seen me fight and some of you are my friends Have your vote But know this if you come to remove me, come in force, because if you try to separate me from him, I will kill every single one of you Excerpt From Andrews, Ilona Magic BleedsSomethings that annoyed me however in this book is how everyone calls her consort I hate it I can t stand it and I just choose to politely ignore it Like Kate is way than fucking Curran s consort She deserves a name that emanates her badasness My top five Kate and Curran moments not in order atm I m leaving the catnip where it is, he said You will remove every piece of it And you ll do it naked When Kate decided to court Curran by using shapeshifter traditions She broke into his fucking quarters, broke his gym set, sealed his slut hut bimbo room shut and sprinkled Catnip all over his bed I was biting my skin the entire time Magic bleeds The first time they had sex after Saiman pissed off Curran so much Magic Bleeds A slow, lazy, carnivorous smile touched Curran s lips Not only will you sleep with me, but you will say please Magic Burns The first time they kissed He kissed me No, he admitted to breaking into my apartment to watch me sleep, he pinned me down on the floor, and then he kissed me I should have broken his nose Instead I kissed him back And I wanted Magic Strikes The bathtub scene We lunged for each other at the same time and collided, crazy with need and starving for a taste Magic strikes The first time they ever met and Kate crouched down and called out here kitty kitty kitty to the fucking beast lord How amazingly badass is that I d like to say that I ve just finished reading Magic Breaks the 7th novel in this enstallment And also the last for this particular story arc After this the author is going to be revealing 3 books set in this world but obviously that doesn t revolve around the inevitable meet up with Roland and Kate The meeting with Roland and Kate had me hooked I couldn t keep my eyes away I loved how it played out And I loved it even that deep down I kind of guessed knew that Kate wouldn t kill her father Like didn t I predict that I said instead, her father would be happy to see her And he was I knew that it was not going to be an epic showdown but a sort of reconciliation b w father and daughter And honestly I loved that even I really like Roland in that he is God like and powerful And yet he still has a sort of soft side to him Oh and can I say that I loved the knew character Robert The were rat I really liked him And finally that bitch Jennifer is gone Oh OH oh the punishment that Kate gave Hibla the shifter who killed Aunt B was fucking epic Theres so much scenes I want to fangirl and talk about but theres just too much awesomeness.I really missed Aunt B in this book It wasn t the same without her I even missed the other characters as well, We barely got anything from Raphael, Andrea, Mahon, Derek etc I really miss my baby Derek, god, I love that wolf Although we did get some Ascanio and I love that kid Oh and Dessandra I got to like from Maguc Rises I respected her so much Can we also take a moment to talk about Hugh d Ambray He is someone that you just love to hate Some scenes like the one were he was killing ted and other order of the Knights before Kate and asking them to beg Kate for their life as they deeply disrespected her had me like That is actually so cute in a deeply sick and twisted way Fuck why do I not hate Hugh There must be something wrong with me I could possibly continue with 10,000 reasons why I loved this series, but then I d need a whole day for that and I have shit to do Thank you Ilona Andrews team for this wonderful piece in Urban Fantasy No thank you, for my favourite Urban Fantasy story ever. Read at least 2 times.Well, these books are fantastic and I love to read them It was really good to read them this time again because it reminded me that reading books again is a pleasure instead of a chore So maybe I ll tackle my Karen Chance and C E Murphy backlog soon Merged review Read at least 3 timesWell, it was really, really, really fun reading the whole series again Thanks Ilona Andrews And Gordon Really fun series For the whole day I read these books they are like fantasy candy, you can just read them all up in a couple of days I feel like I m as kick ass as the main character. This is my all time favorite series EVER I cannot get enough of Kate Daniels She is the perfect heroine She is a complete bad ass without being over the top , she makes mistakes and owns them, she doesn t complain, there is nothing wimpy about her, and she is compassionate and loving I have read so many books trying to find a heroine like Kate Daniels and most other similar characters either completely unrealistic and over the top, or are whiney and weak Kate Daniels is a perfect meld of everything that makes a great heroine I also love the male point of view in this series There is great dialog between characters I think having a husband wife team as authors really helps get both male and female points of view across in these books So often in romance books the female author writes things we woman would want to hear coming from a male, but are completely unrealistic and not at all in line with male thinking Having a real male point of view really adds to the awesomeness of this series. I can t help it, I am a Magic series junkie I like every book, every novella, short storie and tidbit For me it is the perfect combo of a kick ass heroine, a great story in a well developed world and the best support cast The story is full of action, laced with some romance and funny moments remarks.I also like that there are no swooning vampires in this story