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I picked this book up at a used book store The book itself was published in 1912 so it is very old As a child I read one of this author s books and never forgot it This lady wrote dozens of girls books at the turn of the century and they are charming stories that really show their age The stories always have a Christian moral and the girls are always very bright and well educated Interesting peek at what girls were reading 100 plus years ago. |KINDLE ♊ A Gay Charmer ♫ Julia Cairns, Aged Fifteen, An Accomplished And Well Brought Up Only Daughter, Has The Even Current Of Her Life Disturbed By The Arrival Of Shirley Kendal At The Grange This Maiden, Who Is Full Of Life And Vivacity, Captivates Everyone By Her Brightness And Unselfishness Will Julia Try To Ruin Shirley S Influence, Or Will She Too Succumb To The Charms Of The Newcomer