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Name Brandi Plumlee, LME 508Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff 2012 100 people who made history Meet the people who shaped the modern world New York, NY Dorling Kindersley.Cost 14.52 Barnes and Noble Dewey Call Number Not available from Library of Congress Reading Level 7 12 yearsCategory Elementary level Non fiction Reference BiographyReview Citation Could not find Description The book covers 100 famous people throughout history It tells what the person is famous for and some background knowledge over the person as well The people in the book are famous for many different things Some are known for sports, science, politics, and many other things Relevance and Relationship This book covers famous people from all over the world A lot of the books in the reference section in the library I visited were books over the 50 presidents and individual biographies over people throughout history I choose this book because it covered a wide variety of people and subjects It is also a book that would appeal to the young reader The information is simple and straight to the point and the book is very colorful.Purpose The book teaches younger people about famous people throughout the history of the world It offers fun facts and about the people as well as a short biography about the person as well.Validity The book was published by DK Publishers which publish a lot of similar books on topics and people This books was published in 2012 so the information inside should be up to date and accurate.Format Print Reference BiographyArrangement and Presentation The book has 128 colorful pages It has an index that goes by author The book is illustrated in a way that draws the reader s attention and makes the book stand out Diversity The book covers famous people throughout history from all over the world The book will be a great tool to have in a reference collection and or a social studies classroom The book provides visuals for those readers who need to see pictures to help them understand the person they are learning about. I liked this very much Interesting information about people I knew and didn t know as well Good classroom resource. [Free E-pub] ♷ 100 people who made history ⚔ Where Would We Be Without Inventors, Philosophers, Economists, Politicians, Explorers, And Other Ideas People Some Of Our Historical Heroes Were Lone Geniuses But Many Were Influenced By Other Great Thinkers And IdeasFull Of True Life Stories And Famous Celebrities, People Who Made History Contains All The People You D Expect To Find, And Plenty That You Wouldn T Inventors And Explorers Rub Shoulders With Political Leaders, Sports Stars, And Entertainers From All Over The World From Aristotle To Mark Zuckerberg, To Marie Curie To Pele, All Areas Of Culture, History, Industry, Sports, Entertainment, And Are Covered Perfect For Book Reports, School Projects, Or Anytime Reading To Satisfy And Educate Curious Minds 100 people who made history This was a great book for people s biography who help changed the world All kind of famous people and their jobs. Engaging and interesting snippets of important people in history with references to why their stories are relevant today Visually entertaining layout suggests fun browsing and learning. awww some 0 Nice general book of wide array of important world figures. 100 People Who Made History features people who helped shape the world They come from many different walks of life and includes explorers, inventors, leaders, artists, and much.I loved this book It s filled with so many fascinating people There were many that I recognized Marco Polo, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Aristotle, Joan of Arc, Walt Disney, and Elvis Presley, to name a few Even though these names were familiar I didn t know everything the book had to say about them There were also many people that I didn t recognize Dmitri Mendeleev created the first version of the Periodic Table , Cai Lun invented paper , Mary Seacole pioneering nurse , Saladin Muslim leader who retook the Holy Land , David Ogilvy the father of modern advertising I found each and every one of them interesting The book is divided into categories Daring Discoverers, Inspirational Inventors, Thoughtful Thinkers, Leading Leaders, and Clued up Creatives The author presented the information in a couple of different formats Some people took up one page, some 2 pages, while others were condensed so that several appeared on one page One of my favourite parts if the All About Me section, which features year of birth and death, nationality, interesting factoid claim to fame , and a brief summary I liked it because it gave me a brief snapshot of the person before I read about them This was particularly helpful for those I was unfamiliar with I would have liked it if the author included this information for each of the figures in the book Unfortunately, that didn t happened The other two parts that I enjoyed were He couldn t have done it without , which showed the person s forefathers and their contributions, and He paved the way for , which showed those who came after him in his field These people benefitted from the work that had already been done I liked these two sections because it gave me some perspective on the person s work and put it into context I also liked that the book contained some modern figures like, Jobs and Wozniak, Zuckerberg, and Nelson Mandela Having said that, I enjoyed reading about all of the figures in the book, both historical and contemporary Two pages at the back of the book are dedicated to people who have made contributions, but didn t quite make the top 100 list These include Noah Webster, Sacajawea, Helen Keller, Tommy Douglas, Gloria Steinem, Terry Fox, and many others The book also includes a table of contents, a glossary, and an index Highly recommended It s written for younger readers 7 12 year olds , but older readers might also enjoyed this one provided they don t need a lot of information on each person For information about this book or to browse inside, please visit DK s website.I d like to thank Chris at DK Canada for this review copy 100 People Who Made History by Ben Gulliland, Dorling Kindersley DK , 2012 ISBN 9780756690038 Hardcover , 128p.This review is also available on my blog, Daisy s Book Journal. Slowly but surely read this with my kiddos Inspirational and motivating Also interesting to see who made the list. Really easy to understand, eventho is prone for kids than adults, but still good for a quick review on history.